How to stay active and injury-free by focusing on the knees with simple exercises

Save Your Knees. Save Your Lifestyle.

"This Program has taken my strengthening to the NEXT LEVEL!
And it's SO EASY to do!"

Dr. Leslie has done an amazing job creating ACL strong! As a fellow therapist, and bb coach, this program is both doable for the busy athlete and spot on in the training. I love the educational side, and the improvement I saw in our athletes in 4 weeks was awesome. Thank for your work!
Linda Schuck
Basketball Coach from Minneapolis, MN
After the first couple of weeks, my legs and knee felt stronger, and more importantly, my pain was gone. The videos were very detailed on how to do the exercises which made them super easy to do. Thanks Dr. Leslie!!!
Ron Kutsch
Ski Instructor from Colorado Springs, CO
Before I started the course, I had to push myself up off the floor. Now, I can stand up without having to pull myself up! I have had a torn ACL and two hip replacements, and someone just told me that I'm now walking better than they have ever seen me! This course is working!! Thank you again!
Jim Bredy
Ski Instructor, WY

Do you worry that knee or hip problems could prevent you from doing things you enjoy?

Have you torn your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) or had an injury that you don't want to repeat?

Do you want to stay ahead of your aging body to keep doing what you love?

When You Live an Active Lifestyle or Play sports Long Enough, It Seems Like Everyone Has a “Bad Knee”

Don't give up what you love, before you're ready

If you’re like most of our members, being active and enjoying the outdoors are some of the best parts of life. There’s no time for a “bad” knee!

From pickleball with your pals, to hiking the peak for sunrise, to shredding fresh powder in the crisp mountain air, to simply crawling on the floor with your children or grandchildren…

We need our bodies to keep up with us, so we can do ALL the things we love. But here’s the problem…

Soccer players are blowing out their ACLs at unbelievable rates, ruining dreams they’ve worked so hard for. 45 year olds are suffering with knee pain and being told they need surgery to fix it. Seniors are being forced to give up their favorite hobbies, like skiing and pickleball, because of chronic knee pain and stiffness.

When you’re faced with nagging aches and pains, it’s downright discouraging…and even scary. It can feel hopeless. You might have thought…

Will I have to quit my sport?
Will I be able to play with my grandchildren?
Will I be able to hike, travel, and keep up with my friends?
Should I have surgery? Will I need a knee replacement?

But it doesn't have to be that way!

The reality is…

Most knee injuries are actually preventable with the right exercises and just 20 minutes.

And if you can prevent yourself from having knee problems, you can stay active in the sports you love, playing and competing at the level you want, longer.

Figuring out the right exercises to do on your own Can Be overwhelming

Professional athletes have a coach or trainer telling them exactly what to do to perform at their highest potential and avoid injuries…

What if you could follow the same process that professional athletes follow, saving your knees for a lifetime of doing what you love?

Whether you believe this or not, you ARE an athlete, and you should train like an athlete. 

That doesn’t mean heavier weights or more hours in the gym. In fact, when you train smarter, you can get better results in less time. And THAT’S what we teach our members. 


I’m Dr. Leslie, a doctor of physical therapy with 18 years of experience helping athletes and active people recover from sports injuries and get back to the lifestyle they want, stronger and more resilient. 

Over the years, my patients often said to me, “I wish I knew this before I got hurt!” 

It got me thinking about how I can use my knowledge and experience to help people make better choices on their own so they avoid injuries, reach their goals, and don’t have to meet me in my clinic for rehab after an injury or surgery.

💪 Most people don’t realize that 70% of ACL injuries can be prevented with proper training! 

💪 Most people don’t realize that a majority of muscle and joint injuries can be fixed by improving strength and mobility!

💪 And most people don’t have any idea that you can actually slow-down or stop the worsening of arthritis with the right exercises!

The truth is, doing the right exercises, the right way, is the absolute BEST way to save your knees and body so you can live a pain free and active lifestyle!

In 2018, I put my proven process into an online program for people to do at home. While initially focused on preventing ACL injuries, ACL Strong was a huge hit across all ages, sports, and industries, and quickly evolved into a comprehensive system to reduce ALL lower extremity injuries, prevent trips and falls, improve posture, and help people stay Active and Competitive Longer (ACL!). 

ACL Strong is packed with easy-to-follow exercises, quick-action tips, life-changing education, and a proven step-by-step process that meets members wherever they are in their fitness journey, to GET RESULTS now and long-term.

Our Proven System will help you Resolve Pain, Improve Posture and Control, and Move With More Athleticism

Whether this is your first time exercising, or you are a fitness guru, we will walk you through a pain free training system to help you live longer and stronger.

See what others have said about this proven process that’s easy-to-follow and realistic for everyday people

I joined the program to prepare for ski season after two seasons interrupted by minor knee injuries. I’m old and these exercises have helped immensely and my skiing has improved.
ust participated via Zoom with the group session for Modul 1. It was surprisingly challenging on my first trial, and has been motivated to follow through. Dr. Leslie was a great instructor during the session, and allowed for questions and feedback at the end of the session. It had a nice personal feel with group interaction. I will be doing more of these live sessions for Dr. Leslie’s modeling the exercises while providing real-time hints on proper form and possible modifications.
PRESEASON WORKOUTS MATTER I completed the 6 week ACL Strong workout and it changed my ski fitness levels. I have 4 days of snow under me and I feel the strongest I’ve been in years. Even better: I wasn’t sore at all after the first few days of snow. As a 52 year-old ski mom, I want to have many years of snow ahead of me. I can’t guarantee I won’t get injured but I can reduce the odds. Huge fan of this program. Thank you Dr. Leslie!

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