Do more to prevent ACL injuries on your team

Did you know that 70% of ACL injuries are preventable?

We can help protect your players from a major knee injury with our proven training system.

Who is it for?

For athletes in competitive field or court sports, this program will improve your performance and lower the risk of injury to your knee, ankle, or hip. Our proven system protects players by training them to jump, pivot, and cut correctly.

Enroll individually or as a team!

Coaches, this is a great system for lowering your injury rate and keeping players crushing it on the field or court. You'll have better compliance, teach accountability, and promote team bonding at the same time!

Become known as the coach who does MORE to prevent injuries...and start your season stronger than ever before!

Learn from the very best

Dr. Leslie Desrosiers and Dr. Patrick Desrosiers are experts in ACL injury prevention.  They are sports injury specialists, Doctors of Physical Therapy, with over 20 years of combined experience.  They work with athletes of all ages, from youth to professional levels; and they know what it takes to prevent and rehabilitate injuries.   Dr. Leslie and Dr. Patrick developed the proprietary ACL Strong training system to bring elite-level training to players of all levels.

Interested in the Classic ACL Strong Course

The Classic ACL Strong Course opens for enrollment only at certain times of the year. We will notify you when registration opens and can help you decide if ACL Strong is right for you!

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