ACL Strong Signature Program

Welcome to ACL Strong’s brand new signature program for athletes and active people who enjoy feeling good and want to stay strong, active, and injury-free through all life’s adventures! Get ready to kickstart your journey to having more fun in life, without aches, pain, or injuries getting in your way! It’s time to start moving …

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Snow and Beyond

Follow each module for 2-3 exercise sessions before advancing to the next module. Keep going until you complete the course and claim your FREE GIFT! Good Luck!

Movement Prep Warm-Up

Movement Prep Secret Prime your body to MOVE with precision, strength, and power We’ve all done old-school warm-ups… Touch your toes, Sit and Reach for your toes, and other bouncy stretches or long holds that end up stretching the wrong spots. Even worse, have you ever jumped right into a practice, game, or sport, COLD? …

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Legs On Fire: Kettlebell Add-On

Legs On Fire Heart-Pumping, Strength-Building Kettlebell Workout in Under 5 Minutes Join Dr. Patrick in this Kettlebell Leg Workout, straight from his own personal files. This quick, simple, and effective workout targets your legs and core, but actually pushes your whole body to move through a coordinated blend of real-life functional movements.  You’ll be sweatin’ …

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Live Support

Let’s Chat! Let’s Move! Let’s Keep You On Track For Success! Attend any or all of the Office Hour and Live Workout sessions! Ask questions, share success stories, get feedback on form, learn new modifications or exercises, or just come hang out! Dr. Leslie will be on the other end of the zoom meeting, ready …

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Snow Course V5 Cover

Snow Course (v5)

Follow each module for 2-3 exercise sessions before advancing to the next module. Keep going until you complete the course and claim your FREE GIFT! Good Luck!

Ready To Shred: On-Snow Warm-Up

For EVERY TIME you Ski or Ride. Safety, Performance, and Longevity of your sliding career. When you get to the mountain, and you realize you forgot to warm-up, take 10 minutes and follow this simple routine with your boots and gear on.

Shoulder strength and stabilization to protect from pain and injury

Shoulder Course

Protect your shoulders from pain and injury and improve your posture! Coming Soon!!!

prevent knee injuries in soccer

Classic Course (v3)

The course schedule is shown in the table below. You have to advance in order and can’t skip any lessons or modules. After you complete the Classic Course Intro module and a short quiz, you may proceed to mastering the exercise modules! Good Luck!

Ankle Strength Add-On

Your ankles play a major role in how you move and perform. Weak or unstable ankles can slow you down, make you more vulnerable to overuse injuries, such as shin splints and patellar tendonitis, or sudden injuries, such as ankle sprains or torn ligaments in the knee. You have to protect yourself. With this Ankle …

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Strength and conditioning for higher level athletes who want to excel on the field, court, or snow! This routine includes 5 exercises to strengthen the core, hips, and legs in 3-Dimensions for maximum results in real-world performance. Get ready to explode into the season like DYNAMITE! But first, have you joined one of our flagship …

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Mid-Season Recovery

Keep your ENERGY UP, your fatigue down, and your BODY HAPPY …and CRUSH those long days on the mountain! This 3 week series is designed to get you through the final stretch of the season and across the finish line feeling strong, healthy, and injury-free! Follow along with us for three more modules to feel …

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Strength, Conditioning, and Recovery program built for Patrol. Safely strengthen your Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core so you are more prepared for the demands on the mountainous terrain. As a supplemental add-on to Snow and Beyond, this mini course contains a Strength Training Module and Recovery Module that can be performed at home with …

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