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This is just a Test

If you are an ACL STRONG member and you found this Test Course, Congratulations!  Haha, you don’t win anything, but you can see that we are working on the website and making it even more awesome for next season!

Sorry for any inconvenience if you received an email from us accidentally.  Just part of the testing process.

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[checklist-box title="Week 1 Module Checklist" extraTitle="" extraUrl=""]

  • Monster Walks:  3 laps side-to-side, 2-3 laps fwd-bk
  • Double Leg Soft Hop:  3 x 10, "soft landing"
  • Single Leg Balance with Ball:  3 x 30 seconds, alternate legs
  • Quick Hops in 2 Directions:  2-3 x 20 hops sideways and fwd/bk
  • Stretch:  Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, 2-3 x 30 seconds each


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