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Learn how to Prevent ACL Injuries!

This FREE training includes a powerful guide, “5 Tips To Prevent ACL Injuries and the Most Valuable Decision You Can Make To Protect Your Future,” as well as a complete Rockstar Routine with some of our FAVORITE exercises that help athletes protect their knees and dominate their sport.  


This is for YOU if:

  • You are a passionate and committed athlete in any high-risk sport, who hopes to continue participating in that sport for many years
  • You have dreams of performing at a higher level
  • You COACH competitive youth athletes with dreams of a big future
  • You are the PARENT of a youth athlete whom you want to protect from a major knee injury
  • You are an ADMINISTRATOR of a ski resort or sport club interested in implementing an injury prevention program for a large group of athletes

At ACL Strong, we teach athletes how to protect themselves from injury.  We show the EXACT exercises.  We also teach how to begin with a good dynamic warm-up, how to focus on knee position and body mechanics, and how to progress your training safely so you can become a strong and confident athlete on-track for a long, successful future.


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  • An informational Guide with “5 Tips for Preventing ACL Injuries” (2 versions included – one for field/court athletes, one for snow athletes)
  • A quick dynamic warm-up routine to get your body ready for activity
  • 4 specialized exercises to help bulletproof your knees and enhance performance
  • 1 powerful hip stretching routine, targeting all sides of the hips, that you can do anywhere (no equipment needed)
  • Personal consultation (phone call) with injury prevention expert, Dr. Leslie, to help you figure out the best way to protect yourself and your future, or how to easily implement a program for your athletes or team.