What is the Structure of the Program?

The Classic Course and Snow Course are structured as a 6 week progressive training program, during which the exercises gradually advance each week.  Participants follow the exercise instructions (video and written) each week, then perform the routine on any 3 days during the week.  The next week, a new set of exercises will be released as a new Module.  For example, “Week 1 module”, then “Week 2 module”, and so on.  Each routine includes a dynamic warm-up, then 4-5 neuromuscular training exercises, then 2-3 stretches, all of which takes about 20 minutes to perform.  Each week, the routine targets strength, balance, landing mechanics, agility, and flexibility, which are key components for protecting the knees and reducing the risk of ACL injury.  The Snow Course includes an additional 3 modules for maintenance, which are released later in the snow season.

What are the Stats/results of the program?

We had over 600 athletes through the program and will have another 750+ this winter season.  Of our participants, we have had NO ACL injuries – in fact, we’ve had NO major lower extremity injuries.  We have received excellent feedback from participants and directors, with 100% reporting that they feel the ACL Strong program was beneficial for them.  Participants say they “feel stronger”, they feel like they “are moving better”, and they have “less knee pain” than they used to.  We have groups returning each year to perform the program in the pre-season, so they are stronger and more resilient going into the season.  We have been really pleased with the results and feedback and are committed to always improving the program to benefit the athletes.

How Long will I have access to the program?

You will have access to the Snow Course and Classic Course for one year, so that you can repeat the training or revisit certain exercises during the season/year.  You will have an option to upgrade to the VIP Club to access even more exercises and modules after completing the course.

What is the Age recommendation?

The highest risk of ACL injury is around 12-17 years old.  Beginning an injury prevention program at 10-12 years old has proven to be beneficial.  We have had athletes between 10 and 70 years old successfully complete our program.  For those on the younger side, it can be helpful to have a parent or coach available to help.

How does it work to do this online?

Each participant is emailed a username and password to login to the ACL Strong website.  Once they log in, they will go to the Intro lessons, which tells them exactly what to expect and how to use the program.  We have an educational training on movement of the knee, what the ACL is, how it gets injured, and how to watch the mechanics and use good form during the exercises.  Then, the participant is ready to go into the exercise portion of the training, which is released week by week.  The exercises are instructed in detail using video, text, and images.  There are modifications to increase or decrease intensity as appropriate.  We have a system for participants to keep track of their progress by taking notes, so we (and their group leader) can see how they are doing and keep them moving forward.  We send emails throughout the course to keep participants engaged.  We also have a private community on Facebook for members to join, interact, ask questions, and get some extra tips.

Can you join the program anytime?

We launch the program only at certain times of the year for individual sign-ups.  Groups can sign-up and start anytime.  Once signed up, participants may begin the course at their convenience from home.  The weekly modules will be released on a schedule.  If you fall behind, you will not lose access to any modules, you simply go at your own pace to perform the routine 3 times before advancing to the next.  For optimal results, consistency is highly encouraged.