What is the Structure of the Program?

The Classic Course and Snow Course are both progressive courses with exercise modules advancing each week as you get stronger.  Each module includes a new routine of exercises.  Think of each module taking about 1 week to work on.  It can be more or less, depending on your needs.  Participants should follow the instructions (video, written, and images) and repeat the routine on any 3 days during the week.  The next week, move to the next module.  For example, “Week 1 module”, then “Week 2 module”, and so on. 

Each routine includes a dynamic warm-up, then 4-5 neuromuscular training exercises, then a stretching routine.  The routine takes about 20 minutes.  Each module targets strength, balance, landing mechanics, agility, and flexibility, which are key components for protecting the knees and reducing the risk of ACL injury.  

What are the results of the program?

Over 2500 athletes have enrolled in ACL Strong.  Only 1 member has suffered an ACL injury in the same season after completing the course.  I wish we could prevent every single injury, but there are other variables involved.  The best thing you can do is control the variables that you CAN control, and that’s your neuromuscular control, strength, balance, body awareness, and flexibility via pre-season training.

We have received excellent feedback from participants, coaches, and directors, with 99% of members reporting that ACL Strong was beneficial for them.  Participants say they “feel stronger”, they feel like they “are moving better”, and they have “less pain” than they used to.  We have groups returning each year to perform the training in the pre-season, so they are stronger and more resilient going into their sport.  We have been very pleased with the results and are committed to always improving the program to benefit our members.

How Long will I have access to the program?

When you purchase the course on aclstrong.com or PSIA-AASI’s thesnowpros.org, you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to your course! 

When you register to a Group (i.e. Ski Area Program, soccer team, basketball club, etc), your membership is valid for up to one year.  You should plan to repeat the course each year during pre-season and continue some of the exercises during the season for maintenance. 

All members have an option to upgrade to the VIP Club for a long-term maintenance program. 

What is the Age recommendation?

Experts recommend that all athletes in high risk sports SHOULD be participating in an injury prevention program with neuromuscular training (like ACL Strong).  It has also been proven that introducing the concepts to younger children can be very effective in establishing better mechanics before they reach the highest-risk age range. 

In ACL Strong, we have had people between 10 y/o and 85 y/o benefit from our program.  For those between 10-12 years old, we recommend having a parent or coach to help navigate the website and monitor form.  

Is the program online?

YES. You will have an account on aclstrong.com with a username and password.  An introductory module explains exactly what to expect and how to use the program.  Participants learn about knee movement and safety, what the ACL is, how it gets injured, and how to use good form during the exercises. 

Next, you will be ready to begin the exercise portion of the training.  The exercises are instructed in detail using video, text, and images.  There are modifications to increase or decrease intensity as appropriate. 

Participants may keep track of their progress by taking notes, so we (and their group leader) can monitor and motivate them.  We communicate throughout the course to keep participants engaged. 

Participants are encouraged to join our private community on Facebook for support.

How do teams or groups join?

To register a group of any size, please email for a quote admin@aclstrong.com.  You will receive an invoice to pre-pay for your group.  We will provide you with a coupon code and registration link for your group members to set up their account and register for the program for free.  They will have immediate access to the course upon registration.

Email admin@aclstrong.com to get started or Contact Us with the group form!

Do you have pro deals for industry professionals, such as National Ski Patrol or PSIA-AASI?

YES! We serve patrollers and instructors all over the world!

NSP members and alumni can apply for the pro deal here.

PSIA-AASI members can apply for the pro deal here.

I am a PSIA-AASI Member who already joined, how do I access my course?

Great!  Your ACL Strong course will be available to you on the PSIA-AASI LMS site, which is https://lms.thesnowpros.org

Here is a tutorial showing you how to get to your course.

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