Give the gift of stronger Knees and a strong Future to a strong athlete

The Best Gift for an ambitious soccer player, basketball player, or lifelong snow-skier, is the gift of strong and healthy knees…and dynamite athleticism

Do you have an athlete on your list who likes to play hard and doesn't want an injury getting in their way?

Soccer Players

Soccer has one of the highest rates of ACL injury and can take a player out of the game for a year or more, ruining their shot at a college scholarship.

Basketball Players

Basketball is also high-risk for ACL injuries because of jumping, cutting, and quick sprints. A knee injury like an ACL tear can have a devastating impact on an athlete's future.


ACL injuries make up most of the knee injuries from snow-skiing. Most skiers hope to save their knees as much as possible so they can ski for as long as possible.

The ACL Strong Injury Prevention Training Program is PERFECT!

Here's what this online course will do for your athlete:

  • They will follow the EXACT exercises that will help bulletproof their knees so they can play hard without an injury getting in their way
  • Their performance will skyrocket because of better strength, agility, and body control
  • They will become part of a tribe of athletes who all want to protect their knees so they can rock their sport as hard and as long as possible

Plus, a SPECIAL BONUS...your athlete will get a personal phone consultation with me, for FREE!  It can help them:

  • Get the most out of the program so they can reach their goals
  • Learn the best execution or modifications to match their fitness level
  • Go into their next season stronger than ever
  • Get a sports injury expert on their side to ask questions when they need to

Here's what's Included in Your Gift

4 Week Online Course, Plus 2 Bonus Weeks ($129 value)

30+ exercises for preventing injuries on the field, court, or snow. Your athlete will have a 3 Month Membership to complete the course once they begin.

ACL Strong T-Shirt and Resistance Band ($27 value)

Mailed to you so you can wrap them up and give as a gift

Personal Phone Consultation with Dr. Leslie ($79 value)

Dr. Leslie will talk to your athlete personally to help them reach their goals and protect their knees

Lifetime Community (priceless value)

Your athlete will receive an invitation into our private Facebook group for a lifetime of connections with athletes and experts

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