Group Leader Instructions and Tutorials

THANK YOU for being a Group Leader in ACL Strong!

As a Group Leader, you will have access to some behind-the-scenes content to help make managing your group EASY and REWARDING. First, watch this Overview video to learn about the resources that you have access to.

Tools / Resources in the Group Leader Toolbox:

  • Email Templates – Copy/paste emails throughout the season to help promote engagement and completion by your group members
  • ProPanel Reporting – Monitor your group members, check their completion status
  • Email your group – all at once or individually
  • Group Notes – View Progress Notes and offer supportive feedback to your members
  • Participant List – View a list of your group members and Download a report
  • Export Data – Download completion report for your records


How to use Email Templates

How to Monitor Progress

How to view Notes

How to view Group Members

Now, let’s focus on helping all of your group members develop strong, healthy knees for a lifetime in sports!

If you have questions, please contact us at admin@aclstrong.com
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