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Register with your Team Coupon Code

If you have a Team Coupon Code, then you need to register by clicking the “JOIN YOUR TEAM” button and applying the coupon code that was issued to you by your coach or supervisor. Your coupon code is unique for your team and grants you access to the course(s) assigned to your group.

If you need to get your team set up in the system with a code, contact us first.  

Your team will begin the course on a designated date.  If the course is not immediately listed in your profile, then we will email you as soon as you may begin.  All members will gain access to the course and upcoming modules on the same schedule.  Have fun!

Step by step instructions are listed below. 


*Have Coupon Code Ready

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Go to (You’re HERE!)
  2. Click “Join Your Team”
  3. Enter Coupon Code and click “Apply Coupon” (price will be reduced)
  4. Click “Proceed to Checkout”
  5. Log In (if you have an account) or Enter your information (name, email address, password, etc) and click Agree to Terms
  6. Click “Place Order”


Most frequent questions and answers. Check here first. If you still have issues, please contact us at

Your supervisor or Group Leader has your code.  Check your email as they probably emailed you registration instructions.  If you don’t know who your Group Leader is, then contact us and include which organization you are with.

Please make sure that you are typing in the code exactly as it appears.  There should be no spaces. 

Remove any unnecessary items from your cart.   Sometimes duplicates or additional items stay in your cart from previous visits.  Be sure to check your cart before finalizing checkout.

If Team Member Registration is already in your cart, the system will not allow you to add it again.  Be sure to check your cart.

If you already have an account, you will have to Log In first before completing registration because the system will recognize your email address.

Please confirm your email address is correct before completing registration.

Make sure you have checked the box to agree to Terms and Privacy Policy.

You can reset your password where you Log In.  Check your email and reset your password as needed so you can log in.

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