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We don’t send emails very often, but when we do, it’s got something good inside that’s guaranteed to help athletes and active people be more resilient, less susceptible to injury, and more likely to enjoy a long life in sports. Be sure to get on the waitlist to find out when enrollment opens for our courses.

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Are you ready to help your athlete go from battling setbacks and injuries to being more resilient and ready to tackle the journey to college sports or beyond?!

Here’s to success, resilience, and a big future in sports!

Dr. Leslie

Next, Let us guide you through a proven step-by-step plan for 4 weeks to bulletproof your knees so you can have a your best season ever, without annoying pain or injuries!

Check out our Courses below:

Injury Prevention for Competitive Athletes

Bulletproof Secrets

From imbalanced and susceptible to injury to being stronger, quicker, and more resilient so athletes can focus on having fun and pursuing their dreams instead of playing catch-up after injuries. Follow the EXACT exercises to become more BULLETPROOF on the field or court and out-perform your opponents like never before, so you can ride your athletic career as far as possible!

Save Your Knees for the Mountain Lifestyle

Snow and Beyond

Snow-skiers, Snowboarders, and Outdoor Enthusiasts! Discover how to Train Smarter and Save Your Knees so you get stronger, more balanced, and more resilient this season, without pain or injury getting in your way. Join thousands of ski and ride pros in the Most Trusted training program in the industry! Endorsed by PSIA-AASI, NSP, USCSA, and ski organizations around the world.

Stay Active and Injury-Free

ACL Strong Signature Program

Stay strong, active, and injury-free. Life is too short to be limited by pain, stiffness, or a "bad knee". Whether you want to be the best athlete you can be, or earn a scholarship, or play hard and feel good for as long as possible, follow a proven step-by-step system to get your knees, hips, and entire body feeling and moving better, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

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