Add-On: Legs On Fire Kettlebell Workout


This Kettlebell Leg Workout will get you moving and sweating in minutes. Follow a simple, yet strategic, routine with Dr. Patrick and target leg muscles and core stability in a quick workout that you can do at home, on your own, with nobody else around. Dr. Patrick will take you through a circuit of 5 movements using a kettlebell. Stick with him and in 10 minutes, you’ll feel AMAAAAAAZING!

Heart-Pumping, Strength-Building Kettlebell Workout in Under 5 Minutes!

Join Dr. Patrick in this Kettlebell Leg Workout, straight from his own personal files. This quick, simple, and effective workout targets your legs and core, but actually pushes your whole body to move through real-life movement patterns.

It’s EASY to follow on your own, no matter how experienced you are. Whether you’re a weight-lifting regular, or you’ve never picked up a kettlebell, you’ll have no problem with these 5 simple moves that you can do at home.

Get your heart pumping and sweat dripping in minutes, if you want to!


With this strategic design, you won’t need to stop and rest between sets because you’re constantly changing muscle groups and getting mini breaks…so there’s NO wasting time!

The Legs On Fire Kettlebell Workout will guide you through 5 different exercises that you can do on your own.

In under 5 minutes per round, you can follow along through this circuit 3 times with Dr. Patrick, or as many times as you can handle.

Never used a kettlebell? No Worries! Go through the routine WITHOUT weight first. After you get comfortable with the movements and you know what to expect, you can add some pounds, using a kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball, or anything else you want to try using. There’s NO judgement here and there’s NOBODY watching! All we ask is that you keep it safe and progress slowly.

Now Get Stronger, Get Your Blood Pumping, and Feel the Burn

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