Add-On: Mobility First


A Simple 10-15 Minute Routine of non-weightbearing exercises to promote circulation, joint mobility, and ease discomfort.  Whether you have experienced joints or just a minor setback, this routine can get you going in the right direction to promote Happy Knees (hips, ankles, and lower back too).


Have your joints experienced life and adventure?

Have you been injured before and sometimes you still notice it?

Did you have a minor setback or do you feel mild discomfort that needs some TLC?

Sometimes we need to bring it back to the basics. We created this 10-15 minute routine of some of the exercises that we often use with patients in the early phase of recovery to reduce pain and swelling and restore range-of-motion.

Whether your joints are showing their age, or you just had a minor setback, this routine will guide you through the most important phase of restoring mobility, so you can go on to build strength and stability and get back to your life.

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