Success Call


Get one-on-one training with Dr. Leslie or Dr. Patrick!  We WANT you to feel GREAT…we are HERE TO HELP…and we are OBSESSED with your SUCCESS!

Schedule a success call to ensure you have proper technique and movement patterns to get the most effective injury prevention training with ACL Strong.

Do you want to make sure you’re getting the MOST out of your ACL Strong training?

Do you want an expert to check your form and discuss YOUR path to healthy joints and a successful life in sports?

A Success Call gives you a chance to get your questions answered so you feel confident with your exercise program.  A small change in the way you move can make a massive difference in your performance and well-being.

Get on a video call with one of our experts, Dr. Leslie or Dr. Patrick, to discuss whatever YOU need to get the life you want!

Here is some of what might be covered in your Success Call:

  • We will answer your specific questions about injury prevention and performance
  • We may assess your movement patterns during squats, single leg balance, or landing from a jump
  • We will help you improve or fine-tune your form so you are safe with the exercises and get the most out of them
  • We may look at your mobility or flexibility in the legs
  • We can help guide you in your unique situation, even if your past is complicated by surgeries or injuries
  • Success Calls include 30 minutes online in our private meeting room
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