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Enjoy skiing or riding for as long as possible, without pain, stiffness, or injuries getting in your way

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Keep your knees strong and healthy so you can keep doing what you love


Be ready for an epic season, dominating the slopes and exploring new terrain


We partner with insurance companies to help employees stay safe and injury-free

Snowsports can be Hard On Your Knees

An ACL injury, pain, or arthritis can end your season or career too soon

Doing the right exercises, the right way, is the absolute BEST way to protect your knees, reduce pain and stiffness, and prevent future problems


A simple, at-home training program created by Dr. Leslie Desrosiers to help skiers and riders protect their knees, prevent injuries, and dominate the slopes for as long as possible.

"A First-Class Program!"

Nearly 3000 members have joined ACL Strong and the feedback has been AMAZING!


Be careful of free knee exercises online.  Many sites start you off doing advanced movements that can injure you.  ACL Strong’s progressive 6-week course offers a simple, step-by-step blueprint to bulletproof your knees.  You’ll start with easier exercises to build a strong foundation, and the exercises will advance with you as you get stronger.  You’ll gain:


Critical movement and exercises to promote unshakable knees:


It's not enough to just be strong, you have to move properly and land safely


Quickness, Speed, and Mobility to improve performance and avoid injury


ACL Strong has partnered with major organizations in the ski and ride industry to support those who work and play on the snow.  To learn more about group enrollment at a ski area, click the SKI AREA PROGRAM button below. National Ski Patrol members can access their Pro Deal Discount with the button below. 

Group Enrollment for 10-10,000 participants

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Hi, I’m Dr. Leslie!

As a lifelong athlete, I not only dealt with multiple injuries myself, but also saw some of my most talented friends and teammates sidelined by knee injuries.

It was so hard to watch from the sidelines, but what else could we do?  We stretched before every practice and game.  Wasn’t that enough?

It wasn’t until I started working as a Physical Therapist that I realized the ACL injury epidemic in American sports, especially among females (who are 2-9 times more likely to sustain an ACL injury).  Worst of all, I learned that this injury was preventable, but most athletes had no idea what to do for prevention.

That’s when I made it my mission to help you enjoy the sports you love for as long as you want… without the fear of knee injury.

Please join me in the Snow Course so you never have to “watch from the sidelines.”

Dr. Leslie Desrosiers, PT


The only requirement is a resistance mini band.  We highly recommend an unstable surface, such as a BOSU Balance Trainer or dyna disc, to get the most out of the balance/stability exercises, but it’s not required.  There are alternatives provided if you don’t have a BOSU, such as a pillow, foam pad, or other.  We also show how to use a foam roller and stretching strap if you have access to one, but these are optional.  See our equipment page for more info.

You can enroll a group in 3 easy steps:

One: Complete our Group interest form. (CLICK HERE) 

Two: We will reach out to you with a quote and discuss the launch procedure that will work best for your group. 

Three: We will provide you with registration instructions for your participants to self-register and get started in the program immediately!

Yes!  Ski and Ride Instructors – Click Here

National Ski Patrol members – Click Here

If you are part of a Ski Area Program, then you may join by using the main menu > Groups tab.

The Snow Course is not intended for rehab from an existing injury without an evaluation by a medical professional or physical therapist first. 

If you are cleared to play a sport and have NO precautions for weight-bearing, range of motion, jumping, and lateral cutting, then you can participate in the course. 

We highly encourage participants NOT to push into pain during the exercises.  We provide modifications for most exercises and participants should choose the intensity that they can perform with good form (and no pain).  We emphasize quality over quantity.  If pain is noted during an exercise, we ask participants to follow these steps:  1) Check your form, 2) Decrease Intensity or Impact, and 3) If pain persists, then simply skip that exercise. 

After ACL reconstruction, we recommend waiting 9-12 months to participate in the course.  Once you are cleared for running, jumping, and changing directions WITHOUT pain or limitations, then you may participate at 9 months post-op.

Yes, I love interacting with members.  I hold Office Hours monthly for current members to join me for an interactive Q&A! 

I also encourage you to utilize the Facebook group for support.  Our Tribe is amazing and can help answer many of your questions as well.

Yes!  We encourage teams, departments, and organizations to do this training.  Pricing is based on number of participants and grants a one year license to all who register with the team or organization.  Complete our Team Discount form here (CLICK HERE) and we will email you the registration instructions and pricing details.

While the course is designed for individual participants, we understand that families may purchase the course to participate in together.  Doing the exercises together can be helpful for compliance, motivation, and keeping good form. Please keep the login credentials within your own family, as number of logins per day may be restricted and will impact tracking/progress through the course. 

Doing the Right Exercises, the Right Way, is the absolute BEST way to protect your knees, reduce pain/stiffness, and prevent future injuries.

The problem with searching for your own “injury prevention” exercises on Google or Youtube is that you won’t be getting a comprehensive program or building a strong foundation and good movement patterns. This must be in place first in order to safely advance strengthening exercises. If not progressed correctly, it can actually lead to a greater risk of injury. 

If you don’t have this strategic approach in place, you will likely end up doing exercises that aren’t appropriate for your level of fitness and body control.

Choosing the wrong exercises, or doing exercises the wrong way, can be dangerous and may lead to injury.

Yes! Download the ACL Strong app on your mobile device and access all of your ACL Strong resources! 

Purchasing the course gives you a personal license with lifetime access.  If you are a team or organization, purchasing the course grants you access for 1 year.  The best way to continue to reduce injuries each year is by returning to this program with your team or organization each year.  Please see our Team Inquiry page.

A long-term maintenance plan should include continuing with neuromuscular training exercises for about 15 minutes, 2-3 times per week during pre-season and through the duration of the season.  There are a couple of options to do this:

  1. Participants can repeat the course from the beginning, choosing the options/modifications that are appropriate for them.
  2. Participants can select exercises or modules from the course to repeat 2-3 times per week.
  3. Participants can upgrade to the Elite membership for monthly routines and tips to stay active for life.
  4. Repeat the Snow Course before each winter ski/ride season. 
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