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The BEST way to secure the active lifestyle of your Dreams is CONSISTENCY

We KNOW injury prevention training works.  We also know “if you don’t use it, you LOSE IT.”  

You’ve worked hard to get stronger and protect your knees.  Experts agree that the BEST way to protect your knees LONG-TERM is to KEEP DOING neuromuscular training regularly. 

Do the ACL Strong exercises a few times per week as long as you want to stay active, avoid injury, and perform like a superstar.  🙂

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What do you get when you join the VIP Club?

ACL Strong Vault

You will have unlimited access to our entire library of exercises, which will continue to grow as we add to it. Search the entire list of exercises by category (strength, balance, landing mechanics, agility, and flexibility) to choose your workout.

Featured Exercises

A different exercise is featured each month so members can easily focus on new exercises. By clicking on the Featured Exercise, the instructional video automatically plays.

Flash Routines​

The Flash Routine is a ready-to-go routine (similar to a module from the course) that will give you a complete 15-20 minute workout targeting all pillars of injury prevention. If you don't want to figure it out on your own, just follow the Flash Routine! A new Flash Routine is posted twice per month.

Ongoing Expert Support​

You can MASTER ACL Injury Prevention Training to protect yourself, stay healthy for as long as possible, and teach others to do the same as a coach, instructor, or mentor.

VIP Club members are welcome to explore the ACL Strong website, interact with fellow tribe members and experts, ask questions, get support, offer support, and continue to develop your awareness and expertise!

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"I really like how convenient the program is so I can just do it at home whenever I want. And it only takes 15 minutes, which is a huge benefit for me."
Soccer Player
“It's a fantastic platform that helps me to plan our team training sessions. When I choose exercises from the Vault, I am confident that I'm helping my players prevent injuries. Plus, it's team bonding time and the girls enjoy it!"
Soccer Coach

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