Welcome to ACL Strong!

Get ready for a TRANSFORMATION!  Over the next several weeks, you will gain strength, stability, and body control… You will land softer and cut harder, taking your performance to a whole new level!

Most importantly, you will lower your risk of suffering a devastating non-contact ACL injury this season.

ACL Strong gives you the EXACT exercises that have helped TONS of athletes prevent major sports injuries by improving their “neuromuscular control”.  We have used these EXACT exercises with professional athletes in soccer, football, basketball, rugby, snow-skiing, and so on.  And THEY WORK!  After rehab or training with us, our athletes are more protected against non-contact and overuse injuries than ever before!

We have designed this program for YOU, so you don’t have to sift through the endless amounts of confusing information to figure-out what to do to prevent an injury.  We have strategically planned out the routines so you can get stronger, move better, and stay challenged along the way.  The exercises don’t take much time; and they aren’t difficult to do.  BUT YOU HAVE TO DO THEM WITH GOOD FORM!

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Begin with the Intro module.  You’ll learn exactly what you need to know in order to be SUCCESSFUL in this program!  Then take a short quiz and get started with the training!

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS on joining the BEST online neuromuscular training program, helping athletes thrive in sports without injuries getting in their way!

Welcome to the Tribe!


Dr. Leslie


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