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Help Athletes Excel in Sports
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The Classic Course will help athletes Get Stronger, Play Harder,
and Prevent Injuries so they can Reach their Dreams

We all want to be active and enjoy life, right? Athletes from around the world are enrolling in ACL Strong to learn how to protect their knees so they can perform their best, for as long as possible. Our mission is to help you reach your dreams, by teaching you how to protect your knees and prevent injuries.
Dr. Leslie Desrosiers, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Founder of ACL Strong

Let us guide your athletes through a
 Simple, Convenient, and Proven program that WORKS!

4 Week Training Blueprint

Learn the EXACT exercises to do at-home, on-the-field, or on-the-court, to save your knees! Follow simple exercises to improve strength, balance, landing mechanics, agility, and flexibility.


Athletes will protect themselves even more by completing 2 additional modules in the Bonus Challenge.  They will develop better body awareness and control with functional stability exercises.


Learn what you need to know for avoiding non-contact knee, hip, and ankle injuries.  The knowledge gained here will help athletes have a better understanding of knee health for long-term success!

Follow These Simple Steps

Step 1

Register for The Classic Course as an Individual Player or Team

Step 2

Follow our simple, at-home training plan for 20 minutes, 3 days per week, for 4 or more weeks

Step 3

Play Harder
Perform Better,
Avoid Injuries

Who is the Classic Course for?​


Competitive athletes in sports that involve jumping or quick directional-changes are susceptible to serious knee injuries.  Soccer, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Tennis, Rugby are all high-risk sports.  Females are even MORE prone to a major ACL injury (6-9x higher risk).  It is HIGHLY advised that these athletes engage in an injury prevention program to protect their knees from ACL injuries and protect their future in sports.

Coaches who encourage players to participate in the ACL Strong program during the pre-season get athletes that are stronger and more prepared at the beginning of the season, plus they have fewer injuries and setbacks during the season.  Many teams come back every year and the players expect to participate in ACL Strong to get ready.  The training may be completed individually at-home, together on the field, or a hybrid of both options throughout the week.  Our coaches have had exceptional success implementing ACL Strong with excellent performance from the team as a result.

For an athlete with plans of playing at the collegiate level, they cannot afford the time-off required to recover from an injury to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).  Play-time is critical and maximum performance is ideal.  Help them protect their knees now so they can reach their biggest dreams in the future.  Help them learn how to move properly and safely so they can handle a higher intensity of training and game-play when the advance.  An injury prevention program is essential for these promising athletes.

Club coaches who implement ACL Strong with their team report fewer injuries overall, including fewer ACL injuries, as well as a higher-level of performance, and better team chemistry.  All players on the team will have individual access to the program and may perform the 20 minute training routine at home or together as a team.  Players also learn the importance of a dynamic warm-up as well as effective stretching techniques.  They learn how to safely land from a jump and how to position their knees during exercise.  They are more likely to use these strategies during games because they train and practice the exercises properly.

Progressive organizations who have the best health and well-being of their athletes in mind can offer the ACL Strong program across certain high-risk age groups and skill-levels.  This is a simple and effective way to implement injury prevention training that works, without paying for expensive one-on-one (or team) personal training or taking precious time out of skills or tactical training sessions. 

Establish a more unified club/organization by making injury prevention training a standard practice.  Promote accountability and independence as the athletes are responsible for completing the course on their own.  Find out who is willing to be proactive to become a better athlete.  The leaders will stand out and take initiative for their own success when given the opportunity to shine.  Gain parental support and be known as the club who cares about their athletes and makes an effort to prevent injuries. 

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