Maximize results from ACL Strong with this equipment

In the ACL Strong program, we utilize some fitness equipment to develop strength, stability, and body control.  The most important pieces of equipment for mastering our injury prevention program include a resistance mini band and a BOSU Balance Trainer.  Use the links below to order.

We highly recommend this equipment to get the most out of your training efforts.  You will be better protected against ACL injuries, knee injuries, ankle sprains, and other lower extremity overuse injuries. 

Please note:  If you are purchasing equipment for a group of ACL Strong participants, a rule of thumb is one resistance mini band per person, and one BOSU Balance Trainer per 3-4 people.

For your reference, here is a detailed list of the equipment you will need in each week of the course.

Equipment Forecast ACL Strong

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Resistance Mini Band

BOSU Balance Trainer (Best Quality)

Balance Trainer (Less Expensive option)

Massage Roller

Standard Foam Roller

Stretch Strap

Long Resistance Bands