Be prepared with the right equipment and achieve the greatest benefits in injury prevention and sports performance!

At ACL Strong, we strive to minimize equipment requirements to keep our courses ultra convenient and accessible. Knowing that many participants prefer to use equipment, our courses and trainings have options.

Equipment is listed below as Required, Recommended, or Optional. Use the links below to purchase your equipment and maximize your potential…


Resistance Mini Band (loop)

These bands are used in each training session to apply resistance for enhanced strengthening.  Participants will learn valuable strategies for using the mini bands long-term for muscle activation and strengthening.

For bulk orders of 50+, please contact us at


To increase the intensity of the exercises, challenge your stabilizing muscles, and help you achieve better results.

Balance Trainer (i.e. BOSU Balance Trainer)

We love the dynamic stabilization and versatility of the BOSU Balance Trainer, so we utilize it in several of the exercises. While you are not required to have this item for the ACL Strong program, you might want it to enhance your experience. Two versions of the Balance Trainer are included with Amazon links.

Note: You are NOT required to have a Balance Trainer. Alternatives for an unstable surface include, a Foam pad, Dyna disc, or pillow.


Bonus Instructions will be included throughout courses to utilize the following items for improving mobility and flexibility.

Foam Roller

In Week THREE, you will be instructed in proper use of the foam roller for soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, warm-up, and reducing muscle soreness in the legs.

Stretching Strap

Throughout the course, you will learn how to use a stretching strap for improving flexibility in various muscles through the body. This strap travels easily and makes stretching more convenient and easy to do.

Long Resistance Bands

The resistance band cables or ropes are useful in the Ski Patrol STRONG course and Next Level course.

The Stick Roller

An option to the foam roller for self myofascial techniques and soft tissue management. For those who travel often or like to keep a roller in their workout bag, the massage stick is a nice option.