Why You Need An Injury Prevention Program

A ruptured ACL requires major surgery and rehab

An ACL Injury typically requires a major reconstructive surgery, followed by at least 9-12 months of intense rehabilitation.  Social and emotional devastation often leave the athlete feeling lonely and depressed.  The loss of independence can impact family and friends and be financially draining.

You CAN’T rely on practice or skills training alone

Coaches may not have the time or resources to give you everything you need to be a better athlete.  They want you to perform your best and stay healthy, but they need your help.   Stand out from the crowd — Be proactive and a strong leader — Take charge of your future.  Coaches, this is a great tool to build community, confidence, and accountability.

Protect your knees for a long athletic career!

You LOVE your sport and don’t want an injury to end your season or career early, right?  Many athletes never return to the same level of performance after an ACL surgery.  Protect your knees so you can stay in the game for life.

More strength and no knee pain


ACL Injuries per Year in the U.S.
Percent of ACL Injuries are preventable with specialized training
ACL Injuries from Graduates of our Program!

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