Risk Management for Proactive Leaders

Find out how ski Organizations are reducing lower extremity injury claims by over 90%!

Give your employees a Step-by-Step plan to Get Stronger, Avoid injury, and Have a Longer career on the Mountain

Knee Injuries are the most frequent and costliest Injury claims for ski Organizations

From twisting on skis to slipping on ice, 60% of employee injuries in the ski industry are a result of a slip, trip, or fall. One-third of injury claims involve the knees, from torn ligaments to arthritis, costing you potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars per year!

Knee Injuries are a Pain for Everyone Involved!

Chances are, if you’re reading this right now, you know that employee injuries are a cause of frustration for management...plus, they can be very expensive, time-consuming, and ultimately lead to an elevated mod factor with your insurance company.

And while you probably already have several strategies in place to mitigate risk, the reality is:

if employees are Not Physically Prepared for their Environment, they are more likely to get hurt.

The mistake Most organizations make is they expect employees to be fit and prepared for their job, but they don't give them a plan to Get There.

The truth is,

A Preventative Exercise program


is the absolute BEST way to Have Stronger, More Resilient Employees, with Fewer Injury Claims and Longer Careers

Don't Assume your employees to know how to Train Properly on their own

Being fit for snow and ice is entirely different from general fitness. And MOST people aren't experts in strength and conditioning. So they shouldn't be expected to know how to safely develop and progress an exercise program for being on snow and ice. They NEED guidance.

Your employees are aTHLETES...

It only takes 6 weeks to get actual results:

If you want your team to be prepared for the season, and have fewer catastrophic injuries, they need a detailed, step-by-step plan that can turn their weaknesses into strengths...and not only will they be ready to work hard all season, but they'll be able to enjoy more quality seasons overall.

Bulletproofing Your Employees is now easier than ever...



The best at-home strengthening program, designed for the ski and ride industry, to help employees safely prepare for the season, prevent injuries, and save their knees for more quality years on the mountain

Strengthening exercises

Balance Drills

Warm-up routines

Movement Re-training

Footwork, Agility, and Reaction Time

Stretches and Recovery

Your employees deserve to know how to protect their knees (now and long-term)

..and you deserve to have a strong, healthy, thriving team with fewer injuries

Employees Have Been Loving This Program for 6 Years!​

I Believe in this program. It is the most important part of my skiing routine. I do not go out without doing the warm up and 3-4 days a week I complete a workout. Not only does it help me stay healthy, my ability to access muscles and movements needed to continue to improve my skiing is quicker and stronger. Thank you!
I suffered a minor calf strain last season, and was concerned about patrolling this season. However, after starting your program my legs felt stronger and much more prepared for the season. Each day I could feel my foundation getting stronger. As a patroller we must be prepared to be called into action at a moments notice, there isn't time to stretch or "loosen up." This program brought an increase in strength and confidence this season. Thank you.
I think it should be a prerequisite or incentive to employment to all employees when skiing or riding is part of their job.
Love this program and hope all my employees participate next season!

Data Proven Results

2021/22: 62% fewer knee injury Claims

With 48 ski organizations and over 1000 participants enrolled in the program, ACL Strong participants had 62% fewer knee injury claims, and 70% fewer ACL injuries, compared to the national average for ski area employees.

That’s a savings of $270,000 in knee injuries, not to mention hip, ankle, and lower back injuries that were likely reduced as well.

2022/23: 90% Reduction in Cost Per Claim for Lower Extremity Injuries

7 ski organizations participated in a pilot study with ACL Strong participants (133) and a control group of non-participants (940). 

Average cost per claim for lower extremity injuries for non-participants was $12,097, while only $874, for the ACL Strong group, indicating a massive reduction in the severity of injuries for ACL Strong participants.

If you could save someone from a torn ACL, or a catastrophic lower extremity injury, wouldn't that be worth it?

Feeling better, moving better, and so happy this was offered to me by my employer! I hope they offer it again next season!

I'm trusting my balance more.

These exercises really do strengthen (without torture). I'm trusting my balance more. The videos, narration, and text provided the perfect guidance. It’s something I've never done in the past (silly me) but will do going forward. I am feeling confident about the precise way to do these exercises and stretches.

RM, Ski Instructor

I started this ski season the strongest

I took last season off and was apprehensive if I would suffer much. I started this ski season the strongest I remember in a long time - and I 100% attribute that to ACL Strong! I even got a compliment from another patroller half my age - responding to a wreck with a toboggan at the end of the day, we skied top to almost-bottom without stopping. His legs were aching and mine were still STRONG. Thank you Dr L and ACL Strong!

Yasuko F, Patrol

See what’s included in the ACL Strong Ski Area Program

All participants will get instant access to our flagship program, Snow and Beyond.

Snow and Beyond

A 6 week step-by-step program designed to help your on-snow employees get fit for the season, protect their knees, and prevent injuries so they can keep doing what they love.

This expert-designed preventative exercise program can be done in 20 minutes, 3 times per week, conveniently at home – anytime, anywhere.

Special BonusES!

Bonus #1: Ready-To-Shred On-Snow Warm-up

10 minute warm-up routine to do on the snow, with boots and gear on, everyday, before hitting the slopes.

Bonus #2: Mobility First Add-On

10 minute routine for stiff and more experienced joints to improve range of motion and flexibility before advancing to more challenging exercises

Bonus #3: Office Hours with Dr. Leslie

Participants will have access to join Dr. Leslie in virtual office hours throughout the season.

Bonus #4: Mid-Season Recovery Add-On

In the mid to late season, when stiffness, overuse, and fatigue set in, we offer 3 more modules to help employees feel refreshed, recovered, and rejuvenated.

Maybe you've tried these types of programs before and didn't have success...

I guarantee this will be a new experience…

ACL Strong applies research-proven techniques and exercises, combined with years of expert clinical experience, and is infused with social strategies and follow-up touch-points to keep employees motivated so they can succeed.

With minimal time, space, and equipment required…

With modifications available for all ages, fitness levels, and experience…

Anyone can do it!

Whether they’ve been injured before, have arthritis, or are just looking to get super fit, we teach them how to get the MOST BENEFIT out of the least amount of work!

Your employees should have access to an expert-guided training program that they can do on their own before the season starts. The ACL Strong Ski Area Program offers incredible value in a convenient, easy-to-follow, online format.

Start the season stronger than ever, and finish with fewer injuries than ever!



If you’re like most of our partners were before they joined, you might have some doubts or questions. So let me address some of the questions I get most often:

“Some of our departments have higher injury rates than others. How do we control who signs up?”

You can give out the registration code to certain departments, or to your entire organization. It’s up to you! We start with a certain quantity of “seats” in the program, but we can always add more if they get filled up.

“We don’t even know who we are hiring until December? Is that too late?"

No problem! Registration in the Ski Area Program is open as long as you have seats available. Your employees can enroll and get started with ACL Strong as soon as they get hired. They will have unlimited access to the program through the whole season. Group access expires in July so we can reset for the next season.

How do we know if they complete the training or not?

You may assign a group leader to monitor sign-ups and progress of the participants in your group. Group Leaders get special access to reports and behind-the-scenes content so they can help promote a successful program for their team.

Here’s how to Enroll your Organization:


Contact Us to Get a Quote


Get a Registration Link and Code for your Group


Group members can sign up on their own and get immediate access!

Our Members Know What's Up!

Love your program!

I am on a ski instructor team and the training has made a big difference in my strength and conditioning this year so thank you very much for the fine program!!

Eric H, Ski Instructor, Vail Resorts

I loved it!

I pride myself at being a higher level skier, as I teach steep skiing clinics and am a head coach for a junior competitive club. I also train other instructors in steep skiing. I do dryland exercises regularly and was willing to give your program a try. I loved it! It was simple and quick enough to add in to the day rather than replace an activity or workout. It also added a bunch of exercises I never have tried before. I was feeling stronger and more stable in my movements in all activities. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to do your course and thanks for doing what you do.

GP, Instructor, Coach

Great Course! Very Beneficial!

"I tore my ACL years ago and have two hip replacements. Before I started the course, I had to push myself up off the floor. Now, I can stand up without having to pull myself. I don’t have pain and people tell me I’m walking better than ever! Thanks for a great course!"

Jim Bredy

ACL Strong Rocks!

"ACL Strong rocks! I’m already feeling stronger in my legs and more agile. I no longer feel the pain and stiffness that I had before. Thank you!!"

Exceptional Value

"I feel there has been a noticeable improvement in my strength and balance. The format was easy to use and only took a little dedication from me. Great customer support and service to say the least! Thanks again for providing the exceptional value of the ACL Strong program."

Chip Bair

ACL Strong for Life!

“Thank you Dr. Leslie for the ACL Strong program. I am 56 years old and have been skiing since 5 years old. This program re-focused my training on balance and proper knee alignment. ACL Strong for life!"

Keith M.

Frequently Asked Questions

The only requirement is a resistance mini band.  We highly recommend an unstable surface or balance trainer (i.e. BOSU or dyna disc) to get the most out of the balance/stability exercises, but it’s not required.  There are alternatives provided if you don’t have access to this, such as a pillow or foam pad.  We also show how to use a foam roller and stretching strap, but these are optional.  See our equipment page for more info.

You can enroll a group in 3 easy steps:

One: Complete our Ski Area form or Team Discount form.  We will connect via email and provide a quote for your group.  Once accepted, we can send an invoice and get started!

Two: You will receive Registration instructions for your group members to self-register on the website.

Three: All participants will have access to the program immediately and through the entire season (up to one year)!

***For staying bulletproof long-term, we recommend repeating the program every year, starting pre-season.

The Snow Course is not intended for rehab from an existing injury without an evaluation by a medical professional or physical therapist first.  If you are cleared to play a sport and have NO precautions for weight-bearing, range of motion, jumping, and lateral cutting, then you can participate in the course.  We highly encourage participants NOT to push into pain during the exercises.  We provide modifications for most exercises and participants should choose the intensity that they can perform with good form (and no pain).  We emphasize quality over quantity.  If pain is noted during an exercise, we ask participants to follow these steps:  1) Check your form, 2) Decrease Intensity or Impact, and 3) If pain persists, then simply skip that exercise.  After ACL reconstruction, we recommend waiting 9-12 months to participate in the course.  Once you are cleared for running, jumping, and changing directions WITHOUT pain or limitations, then you may participate at 9 months post-op.

Yes, I love interacting with members!  I encourage you to utilize the Facebook group for support as well.  Our community is amazing.

Yes!  We encourage teams, departments, and organizations to do this training.  Pricing is based on number of participants and grants a one year license to all who register with the team or organization.  Contact Us for a quote!

While the course is designed for individual participants, we understand that families may purchase the course to participate in together.  Doing the exercises together can be helpful for compliance, motivation, and keeping good form. Please keep the login credentials within your own family, as number of logins per day may be restricted and will impact tracking/progress through the course. 

The problem with searching for your own “injury prevention” exercises on Google or Youtube is that you are not getting a comprehensive program that addresses all necessary components of injury prevention.  It can be overwhelming to sift through hundreds of exercises, determine which are right for you, and make sure you are covering all aspects that are necessary for effective prevention.  You will likely stumble upon exercises that may or may not be appropriate for your level of fitness and body control. Choosing the wrong exercises, or doing exercises the wrong way, can be dangerous and may lead to injury.

Yes, you can log in from any device including your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Now we have an app!  Be sure to download it from the AppStore or Google Play Store.

Purchasing the course independently gives you a personal license with lifetime access. 

If you are a team or organization, purchasing the course grants you access for up to 1 year.  The best way to continue to reduce injuries each year is by returning to this program with your team or organization each year.  Please see our Team Inquiry page.

A long-term maintenance plan should include continuing with neuromuscular training exercises for about 15 minutes, 2-3 times per week.  There are a couple of ways we recommend to do this:

  1. Repeat the course from the beginning, choosing the best options/modifications for your current level.
  2. Select exercises or modules from the course to repeat 2-3 times per week.
  3. Repeat the Snow Course or Classic Course before each season of your sport.
  4. Upgrade to the Elite Membership to gain access to more exercises, trainings, and office hours with me, Dr. Leslie, so you can stay strong ALL YEAR.  Plus, you’ll automatically get access to the newest Snow Course and Classic Course every year! Click Here

Reduce Injuries, Save Money, and Build a Thriving Team

Risk Management for Proactive Leaders

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