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Interested in ACL Strong

To learn more about preventing ACL injuries and other sports injuries, let us tell you about ACL Strong! We can help you decide if ACL Strong is right for you.

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We obsess over your success - and we want to help you stay free from injuries forever!
Let us guide you or your athlete through a program to stay healthy and injury-free, so you guys can have fun in sports without dealing with annoying setbacks.

Group Registration

Coaches, Directors, and Administrators can easily implement the ACL Strong program to reduce injuries on the team. Perform the training routine for 20 minutes once per week during practice. The players can repeat the routine on their own at home twice more per week.
Keep your athletes healthy and strong - and have a successful season!

Before launching the Group Program, you will have the option to pre-pay for your group or have each participant pay their portion when they register.


Dr. Leslie



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