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Field and Court Athletes

Classic Course 2.0

Protect your knees and your future in sports that involve running, jumping, and quickly changing directions. Follow the exact exercises that will help you save your knees and ankles, avoid a major injury, and keep you thriving in sports so you can play for as long as possible.

New Release (2019-2020)

Skiers and Snowboarders

Snow Course 2.0

Protect your knees so you can ski or snowboard for life! Follow the exact program that has helped TONS of athletes, including ski instructors, patrollers, and recreational to advanced snow-sport enthusiasts, improve performance and avoid knee injuries.

New Release (2019-2020)


FREE Training for Injury Prevention

This FREE training includes an educational guide, plus 5 of our FAVORITE injury prevention exercises, which will help you learn how to be (or develop) strong, confident athletes, with bulletproof knees.


Additional Courses:

Snow Course: Part II

Mid-Season Maintenance Course

AFTER THE SNOW COURSE, use this course to maintain your progress so you can keep doing what you love! Learn how to properly manage your body throughout the season so you feel energetic and productive, without the fatigue, despite long days on the mountain.


New Strengthening Program!

Ski Patrol STRONG

Strengthen the right muscles so you can handle any obstacle or crisis on the mountain with ease, control, and confidence. Follow a series of exercises for total body strength and conditioning, designed specifically to help ski patrol athletes meet the demands that they face on the slopes. Plus, improve flexibility and mobility to preserve your joints and feel better overall.

For Women of Ski Patrol


VIP Club

This upgraded membership grants you unlimited access to the ACL Strong Vault of injury-prevention exercises, plus ready-to-go routines! Maintain your strength and stay active in life! Pick and choose your exercises from our private vault or follow our Flash Routine and keep your knees, ankles, and hips protected. We recommend that you complete the Classic or Snow Course first.

More exercises and routines!


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