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ACL Injury Prevention

Snow Course 2.0

Skiers and Boarders! Protect your knees so you can slide for life! Follow the exact program that has helped hundreds of instructors, patrollers, and on-snow employees improve performance, avoid injuries, and feel better! Don't miss this chance to keep your knees healthy!

Snow-Skiers and Snowboarders

ACL Injury Prevention

Classic Course 2.0

Soccer, Basketball, and all field/court athletes! Does your athlete dream of playing a sport at a higher level, maybe even on a college scholarship? Help them protect their knees! We will provide the exact exercises and step-by-step plan to help them save their knees and ankles, avoid a major injury, and thrive in sports!

Youth Athletes in Field and Court Sports

Add-Ons Available

These Add-Ons are available for members of the Snow Course 2.0 or Classic Course 2.0

VIP Club

This membership will help you stay active and injury-free FOR LIFE through consistency and long-term maintenance. You'll get unlimited access to the ACL Strong "Vault" of exercises, plus ready-to-go "Flash Routines" so you can easily stay fit and healthy. You'll also get a "Featured Exercise" each month and be the first to see our newest releases! Plus - get DISCOUNTS on other courses, group registration, and ACL Strong gear! Keep your knees, ankles, and hips protected, so you can stay as active as you want, for as long as you want. We recommend completing the Classic Course or Snow Course first.

More exercises and routines!

Strength and Conditioning Add-On

Ski Patrol STRONG

Strengthen your upper and lower body so you can handle any obstacle or crisis on the mountain with ease, control, and confidence. Follow a series of exercises for total body strength and conditioning, designed specifically for female ski patrollers and the demands that they face day-to-day on the slopes.

Designed for the Women of Ski Patrol


Mid-Season Maintenance Course

This course will help you to finish the snow season strong, healthy, and feeling refreshed! Follow along through 3 more modules to maintain the progress you gained so you can keep doing what you love! Learn how to properly manage your body throughout the season so you feel energetic and productive, without feeling fatigued, despite long days on the mountain.

FREE with Snow Course 2.0

Strength and Conditioning Add-on

Next Level Ski and Ride Conditioning

Take your performance and injury prevention training to the "Next Level" with a course that focuses on strength, balance, power, and endurance for advanced snow-skiers and snowboarders. Get ready to explode into the season and ski harder than ever, while feeling better than ever! (We recommend completing the Snow Course first)

Advanced Circuit Workout

Strength Add-On

Ankle Strength Add-On

Do you have weak or unstable ankles? Have you sprained your ankle in the past? Do you want to be stronger in your ankles and feet during sports and activities? Do you want to trust your ankles when you cut hard to change directions at full speed? Add this Ankle Strength program to your routine and get stronger ankles in just a few weeks!

Coming Soon!

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