Movement Prep Warm-Up

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Movement Prep Secret

Prime your body to MOVE with precision, strength, and power

We’ve all done old-school warm-ups… Touch your toes, Sit and Reach for your toes, and other bouncy stretches or long holds that end up stretching the wrong spots.

Even worse, have you ever jumped right into a practice, game, or sport, COLD? As in, no warm-up at all? 

Of course you have! WE ALL HAVE! 

Sometimes you’re late and DON’T HAVE TIME…or, you’re too excited and DON’T WANT TO WASTE TIME.

We’ve all been there.

But think about it. Would a professional athlete go straight into competition without preparing, both mentally and physically? Should you expect excellence if you don’t set the stage for it?

We NOW know the importance of a Movement Prep routine BEFORE you turn up the dial and expect your body to perform.

Your performance doesn’t have to be at an Olympic level to benefit from Movement Prep…This concept applies to a: 

  • weight-lifting session
  • soccer practice
  • ski race
  • trail run
  • kite-surfing
  • basketball game
  • Big air run
  • Pickleball match

…you get the point…

Follow this 10 minute Movement Prep warm-up designed by Elite Concepts to enhance performance, react more quickly, and to prevent injuries. 

Get your body PRIMED to move with PRECISION, STRENGTH, and POWER

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