Mid-Season Maintenance Course

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Keep your ENERGY UP, fatigue down, and Keep your Knees Happy

and CRUSH those long days on the mountain!

Your body has different needs when you are in the peak of your season, so we are excited to bring you the Mid-Season Maintenance Course!

This course will help you manage your body and avoid overuse or acute injuries that are common late in the season when conditions change and your body is fatigued.

In a condensed format of 3 weekly modules, this course revisits some of the strength and balance exercises from the Snow Course, yet places more emphasis on mobility and recovery, so you stay strong and energetic all the way until the last chair.

*Pre-requisite: Snow Course 2.0 – Once you have completed the Snow Course, you will be allowed to access the Mid-Season Maintenance Course. We recommend beginning this course when you are approximately midway through the ski season to jumpstart your “injury prevention” or “maintenance” routine. Enroll by clicking “Take This Course” and it will be added to your Profile.

Now, Let’s finish the season just as strong as you started it!

Pre-requisite: Snow Course or Snow Course 2.0 You MUST have completed the Snow Course and then you will be allowed to access the Mid-Season Maintenance Course! This is a FREE BONUS for our Snow Course members! Enjoy!