Mid-Season Maintenance Course

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Keep your ENERGY UP, fatigue down, and your KNEES HAPPY!

and CRUSH those long days on the mountain!

This phase of the ACL Strong program is available to Snow Course 2.0 members! We will notify you via email when this course becomes available to you. When that time comes, you must log in and this course will be listed in your Profile.

Your body has different needs when you are in the peak of your season, so we are excited to bring you the Mid-Season Maintenance Course!

This course will help you manage your body and avoid overuse or acute injuries that are common late in the season when conditions change and your body might be fatigued.

*Snow Course 2.0 members will automatically be enrolled in this course in February, or 6 weeks after registration for the Snow Course 2.0. Enjoy!!!

Now, Let’s finish the season feeling better than ever!

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