Session 1: Most of the exercises were harder then I thought! In the Double Leg Soft Hop I noticed my knee naturally wanted to move into the risky position, so I had to work harder to keep it straight. I really liked the stretching at the end, and I look foreword to seeing how these exercises get easier throughout the program! 

Session 2: This session I noticed I was a little sore from the last time, but some of the exercises were easier then last time. Whereas last time I noticed my knee would bend inwards slightly on the Step Landing, this time looked and felt way better!

Session 3: This last session I noticed there was hardly any valgus movement in my knees during the landing exercises. Most of the workouts were way easier this session then the first one and I’m excited to see what we do next week!

Sweet!  Great job, Nicole!  Bring on Module 2! -Dr. Leslie


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