Save Your Knees and Add Years to your Ski or Snowboard Career

The Snow Course will help you Feel Stronger, Prevent Injuries, and Ski or Ride Longer

Options for Individual or Group Enrollment
Discounts for PSIA-AASI and NSP members
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Don't lose valuable snow-time because of a knee problem

High-Risk for Injury

Snow athletes are at high risk for suffering a major knee injury or chronic wear-and-tear that could end their season…and maybe their career. 

Don't Worry

We understand how scary it is to even think about a knee problem stopping you from enjoying the snow-packed terrain from now into retirement.

We Can Help

We’ve helped thousands of skiers and riders protect their knees, become stronger than ever, and have an epic, injury-free season.

Who Is The Snow Course For?

Our Members Include

Ski and Snowboard Instructors follow the ACL STRONG program to strengthen their legs and core, prepare for the season, and protect themselves and their students from injuries.  ACL Strong has collaborated with PSIA-AASI to promote safety, education, and longer careers on the snow.  PSIA-AASI members, scroll down to see how you can register and get CEUs

Ski Patrollers require exceptional strength and endurance on the mountain from first chair and beyond.  Volunteer and Paid Departments utilize the ACL Strong program to prepare for the season and protect their knees so they may do their job more efficiently, more safely, and for many more years.

The ACL STRONG program is ideal for ski area employees in all departments.  A 4-6 week injury prevention program results in fewer reported injuries by staff and less time-off requested due to injuries, allowing the employees to be more productive and energetic at work.  We work with Health and Safety Directors and administrators to implement the ACL STRONG program to employees on a large scale, beginning in the pre-season and guiding them through to the end.

Attention Racers!  The “slip-catch” mechanism is a classic way to tear your ACL, and it occurs when your outside ski slips during an aggressive turn…you straighten your knee to regain contact with the snow, but the ski catches an edge and forces a sudden twist at the knee.  Strengthen your hips and core with the ACL STRONG program and be more fit and resilient against knee injuries.

Highly-experienced snow-skiers and snowboarders, cross-country skiers, telemark, alpine racers, and recreational snowsports enthusiasts will benefit from the specialized training within the ACL Strong Snow Course.  We help save your knees from a major injury and gradual wear-and-tear, so you can add years to your life on the mountain.

Are you new to skiing or snowboarding?  Are you looking to get back to the snow after a break?  Are you looking forward to a vacation to a ski resort?  Beginning skiers are at higher risk for certain types of traumatic ACL injuries, so the ACL Strong course is perfect to help you prepare your body, strengthen your legs, and protect your knees so you can stay safe on the slopes and have an enjoyable vacation.

Let us guide you through a simple and convenient ONLINE program that WORKS.

We will hold your hand as much as you want or need.

And you WILL get RESULTS.

Follow These Simple Steps

Step 1

Register for The Snow Course

Step 2

Follow our simple, at-home training plan for 20 minutes, 3 days per week, for 4 or more weeks

Step 3

Feel Stronger,
Ski and Ride Better,
Avoid Injuries

ACL Strong is endorsed by the Professional Ski Instructors of America & American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI).  PSIA-AASI members may register for the Snow Course on the PSIA-AASI e-learning website.  CEUs will be earned by completing the initial 4 week course, but you’ll still get all 6 weeks of training, plus one month free in the ACL Strong VIP Club, with access to our entire library of exercises.

National Ski Patrol Members


National Ski Patrol is partnering with ACL Strong to provide knee health, safety, and injury prevention training to all members of the National Ski Patrol (NSP) to support their lifestyle and career long-term.  NSP members may sign up individually or as a group of 10 or more.  Division and Region Directors may contact us for a group rate.

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