Welcome Employees of Vail Resorts!

Congratulations! Vail Resorts has purchased this program for YOU, its valued team members across their numerous ski areas! To register for the ACL Strong program as an employee of Vail Resorts, click the Get Started button and apply the coupon code that was issued to you by your Group Leader or Supervisor.

Your coupon code is unique for your ski area and grants you FREE and IMMEDIATE access to the course(s) assigned to you.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Go to https://aclstrong.com/vailresorts (You’re HERE!)
  2. Click “Get Started in ACL Strong”
  3. Enter Coupon Code and click “Apply Coupon”
  4. Click “Proceed to Checkout”
  5. Enter your information (name, email address, etc) and Agree to Terms [NOTE: If you are an existing user, you will have to Login first]
  6. Click “Place Order”

THAT’S IT! You will be directed to your profile page with a link into the Snow Course (v3) and the On-Snow Warm-up!

Not sure what your coupon code is? Contact Kelsey Everton or Zander Kestly
If you need further assistance, please contact admin@aclstrong.com
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