Secret Backdoor Offer!

Discover how to train smarter ALL-YEAR-ROUND so you can stay as active as you want, for as long as you want!

Exercise is proven to reduce pain, improve function, and prevent injuries.

And Consistent Exercise with Expert Support is hands-down the BEST combination to be stronger, healthier, and resilient so you can keep doing what you love for as long as possible.

CONSISTENT EXERCISE with EXPERT SUPPORT is the BEST combination to be stronger, healthier, and more bulletproof LONG-TERM

…so you can keep doing what you love for as long as possible.

ACL Strong makes it easy for you to keep doing the right exercises, the right way, so you can live your best life

Our members have been asking how they can continue working with us, even after they bought one of our main courses…

…So we put together an incredible offer for those who want to keep their knees and bodies strong, stable, and resilient in the ON-season AND the OFF-season!

What You’re Getting inside the
All-Inclusive Elite Membership:

Why you can No Longer afford to ignore your knees…


“Why do I need a subscription?”

You have options when it comes to taking care of your body and staying active. You can hire a personal trainer and pay a premium price for temporary support, or you can figure it out on your own, and sometimes feel like you’re stumbling around alone in the dark.

Between our 6 week courses, mini courses (add-ons), exclusive vault of exercises, and monthly trainings, there’s something for everyone, on any day of the week, no matter how you’re feeling or how much time you have.

With an expert in your back pocket, and a community to lean on for support, you can get extra help when you need it, or fly solo if you prefer that. But when it comes down to your long-term quality of life, we got you. You’ll never feel lost or unsure of where to turn. You can always fall back on ACL Strong to pick you up and keep you going stronger. 

"I already did the 6 week course, can I wait until next year to do it again?"

The 6 week programs in our main courses are awesome. And there’s research showing that the gains in neuromuscular control are still evident even 6 months down the road. 

However, strength and flexibility decrease if you don’t keep working on it, especially as you age.

Consistency is incredibly valuable for maintaining healthy joints that let you do the things you want to do, now and in the future. 

Once you stop moving, it’s harder to get going again. And that’s why the Elite Membership is here to make it easy to keep moving year-round.

"It's too hard to stay on a schedule year-round"

We totally get that! We designed this program to be realistic for busy people. Who has time for 90 minute workouts in the gyms 5 days a week?? It’s great if you do, but many of us don’t.

That’s why we created the ACL Strong Elite, where you can exercise on your own schedule, you can slack off or step it up without getting called out, and you still have an expert to go to when you need it!

We packed tons of value into this program!

We are inviting YOU to become a member of the Elite for as little as

$59 $17 per month!

Monthly or Yearly payment options

And check out these bonuses...


Get access to the newest versions of our main courses every year!!!

$329 value

Bulletproof Secrets

$299 value

and, are you ready?!...

Get feedback when you need it, at Office Hours with Dr. Leslie, every month!!

$2000 value

Plus, there’s NO COMMITMENT… simply cancel anytime!

If you want Dr. Leslie on your team, snag one of these exclusive seats and let us help you move better, feel better, and keep doing what you love, ALL-YEAR-ROUND!

We can’t wait to help you feel great about staying active for life!

How is Elite Different from the Main Courses, like Snow and Beyond?

Snow and Beyond vs. Elite Membership




Snow and Beyond

Future Snow Course Updates

Bulletproof Secrets

Mobility First Add-On

Ready to Shred Warm Up

Mid-Season Recovery Add-on

Next Level Add-On

Patrol Strong Add-On

Ankle Add-On

The Vault (ACL Strong Exercise Library)

Flash Routine (Monthly)

Featured Exercise (Monthly)

Behind the Scenes
Tips on Performance/Rehab (Monthly)​

Live Office Hours (Monthly)​

Live Office Hours (Monthly)​









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