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Get the exact exercises you need and a proven system to help you avoid injuries so you can enjoy sports or compete at a higher level, without knee problems getting in your way

A major knee injury or torn ACL changes everything.

Rupturing a ligament in the knee, like the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), is not only excruciatingly painful, but emotionally heartbreaking, and usually season-ending for competitive athletes.  Most require surgery, followed by a year of recovery with extensive rehabilitation.  The social-emotional impact can be just as difficult as the physical, if not harder.

Too many young athletes miss out on high school and college opportunities as a direct result of a knee injury.  Too many people have to quit their sport because of knee problems or degenerative joint disease.

Worst of all, statistics show that after ACL reconstruction, most athletes don’t return to their same level of competition, 1 in 4 will re-tear their ACL, and 50% will go on to develop early arthritis. 

Don’t let this happen to you or your athlete, especially when “injury prevention” or “risk reduction” has never been easier.

ACL Injuries occur in the United States every year
1 %
Fewer Injuries after a 4-6 week neuromuscular training program!
1 %
Of Members recommend ACL Strong for strengthening their knees!

We have the SOLUTION
...and nobody does it like we do!

Our online courses help athletes and active people strengthen properly around the knees, hips, and core to prevent or avoid injuries. Our step-by-step process guides athletes through the exact exercises to do in a short amount of time, so they don't get lost or have to figure it out on their own.


Online access, simple exercises you can do at home, on your schedule, with minimal space and equipment


Doctors of Physical Therapy guide members step-by-step through a proven system to protect knees, prevent injuries, and enhance performance


Research has proven a 53-67% risk reduction with a 4-6 week neuromuscular training program! It really works!

Start with one of our Flagship Courses

Don't waste time figuring out the right workout from infinite possibilities. Choose an ACL Strong Course based on your sport. Start with the Snow Course or Classic Course, then select the Add-Ons that are right for you.
Group Rates Available.

Improve Fitness, Prevent Injuries, Save Your Knees Long-Term
Snow Course V5 Cover

Snow Course (v5)

Snow-skiers, Snowboarders, and Outdoor Enthusiasts! Discover how to Train Smarter and Save Your Knees so you feel stronger, more balanced, and more resilient this season, without injuries getting in your way. Join thousands of ski and ride pros in the Most Trusted training program in the industry! Endorsed by PSIA-AASI, NSP, USCSA, and ski organizations around the world.

ACL Injury Prevention and Performance

Classic Course (v5)

Athletes of all ages can perform at a higher level and avoid injuries by TRAINING SMARTER, like the pros. This course will guide you through the EXACT exercises we use with professional athletes to build strength, body control, and quickness. In one month, become more BULLETPROOF on the field or court and out-perform your opponents like never before!

We understand that "prevention" might not be something you've thought much about.

Experts agree that prevention programs are completely under-utilized, especially with how well-proven they are. If you haven’t heard about this, it’s not your fault…there is not enough attention on it. 

That’s why we’ve made it super accessible, convenient, and easy to do in just a fraction of the time of a traditional workout.  Plus the side benefit is that your performance in sports will improve as a result! 

Our system is professionally designed so you GET RESULTS.  If you’re not sure which course is for you, read below:

Dr. Leslie Desrosiers, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Founder of ACL Strong and Injury Prevention Expert

Athletes in sports that involve lateral movements and quick changes in speed and direction are at HIGH RISK for a torn ACL and should be enrolled in the Classic Course for protecting their knees and improving performance on the field or court.  Researchers and experts agree that all youth athletes 12-25 years old should participate in this type of training.  Click Here to Learn More

ACL injuries and degenerative joint disease are all too common on the snow, even with highly experienced skiers and riders.  More hours on the snow = higher risk of knee injury and wear-and-tear on the joints.  Chronic knee pain and acute injuries take people off the mountain every year.  Snow athletes should enroll in the Snow Course prior to the beginning of the season and should continue with the maintenance exercises during the season.

Ski area employees will sustain fewer injuries on snow and ice.  We are partnered with PSIA-AASI and National Ski Patrol to support people working daily on the snow.  Click here to learn more about the Snow Course, and consider the Ski Area Program if you are part of a group or organization.

Soccer Teams, Basketball Clubs, and Ski Resorts across the world are reducing injury rates with ACL Strong by returning each year to complete the training as a group.  Group discounts are available and rate is determined by number of participants.  Contact us for a quote.

"This Program has taken my strengthening to the NEXT LEVEL!"

Dr. Leslie has done an amazing job creating ACL strong! As a fellow therapist, and bb coach, this program is both doable for the busy athlete and spot on in the training. I love the educational side, and the improvement I saw in our athletes in 4 weeks was awesome. Thank for your work!
Linda Schuck
Basketball Coach from Minneapolis, MN
After the first couple of weeks, my legs and knee felt stronger, and more importantly, my pain was gone. The videos were very detailed on how to do the exercises which made them super easy to do. Thanks Dr. Leslie!!!
Ron Kutsch
Ski Instructor from Colorado Springs, CO
Your program is so awesome! I was blown away! I really enjoyed the versatility of the different moves and explanation especially for those that don't have a Bosu ball or other professional equipment handy. Although my surgeons had done work for the US ski teams, I never found a PT that incorporated as many ski like strengthening moves as you. AMAZING! In fact a lot of us instructors have been excited to share our progress with each other in the locker room in the mornings. I can' wait to keep up this routine and do it all over again next season. I will forever be recommending your program thank you!!
Charity Russell
Ski Instructor, Schweitzer Mountain Resort
Before I started the course, I had to push myself up off the floor. Now, I can stand up without having to pull myself up! I have had a torn ACL and two hip replacements, and someone just told me that I'm now walking better than they have ever seen me! This course is working!! Thank you again!
Jim Bredy
Ski Instructor, WY
The girls had an amazing season, played at an extremely high level, and we finished the season ACL strong! I believe the core strength, stability, balance, and technique we train through your ACL strong program has helped keep us almost completely injury free.
Roy Snyder
Soccer Coach from St. Cloud, MN
With much of the emphasis on the core and hips, I received an unexpected benefit from the program that helped my hips! I had an old hip injury that bothered me for years, but sometime during the program I noticed the chronic, nagging pain I had was gone. So . . . thanks ACL Strong!
John Minnaberry
Ski Patrol from Tahoe, CA

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