ACL Injury Prevention training

Become Stronger, Faster, and More Bulletproof in 6 weeks

If you aren’t doing everything you can to prevent an ACL injury from ruining your season (or career), it’s time to step It up…and get an edge over your competition at the same time!

Don't Let an ACL injury Stop you

Too many competitive athletes lose college opportunities before they even start. Find out how to get over old injuries, prevent future ones, and maximize resilience for a longer career.

The rate of ACL injuries in the United States is still on the rise, with up to 300,000 reported per year, mostly in youth sports, such as soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, gymnastics, and snow-skiing.

Adolescent female athletes are 2-10 times more likely to sustain a torn ACL compared to males; although all athletes participating in sports that involve quick movements and sudden changes in direction are at risk. 

If you’ve ever seen the heartbreak of a young athlete getting hit with the devastating news that they can
no longer play the sport they love, and that they need a major, life-changing surgery that will keep them out of school and away from their friends, you know how serious it is. The emotional impact ripples through the entire family.

Every athlete and parent I’ve helped through this experience admits that
IF they had known what could have been done to reduce the risk of ACL injury, they would have done ANYTHING…

You might wonder if you're doing “enough” to stay injury-free

Most adolescent athletes are actually weaker than you realize, particularly in the most important stabilizing muscles around the hips and core. As they grow taller and limbs grow longer, strength and body awareness cannot keep up, making them less controlled and more vulnerable to injury.

Most people think competitive athletes on a high school, college, or competitive team get enough training at practice or in the weight room. They spend hours working hard; You pay for an expensive club. 
Shouldn’t they be strong enough to avoid a major injury?? Shouldn’t they be getting the training they need??

The truth is, the type of exercise needed to prevent an ACL injury is very specific and has to be taught in a certain way…

It’s called Neuromuscular Training, and it’s a way to train the brain and muscles to work together most efficiently.

A Neuromuscular Training Program is the absolute BEST way to prevent an ACL injury and improve performance so athletes can focus on playing and having fun instead of worrying about falling behind.

Believe it or not, coaches are NOT required to provide “injury prevention” training to athletes, so don’t assume they are getting this at practice. Most coaches WANT their players to stay healthy, but they are limited on time and resources and can’t do it all. 

So as our athletes are playing on more competitive teams, at the same time that they are growing and losing body control, how can we expect them to excel without injury if we don’t give them the “neuromuscular control” training they need?

If you’re like most of our members, you want to be as protected as possible against injuries. You’d do anything to avoid getting hurt and spending a season on the sidelines.

Most people just cross their fingers and hope they get through another season without injury.

…But are you then gambling with your health and future? And does it change the level of risk you’re willing to take when you know that something CAN be done preventatively?

In the last 20 years, research has proven that injury prevention programs with neuromuscular training actually reduce ACL and lower extremity injuries by 50-67%!

The awesome side benefit is that this type of training also improves overall athleticism by enhancing sprint speed, jump height, reaction time, movement efficiency, and agility. 

Collegiate and professional athletes implement neuromuscular training into their fitness plans to stay at the top of their game without getting injured…and youth athletes need this just as much, if not more!

Health and fitness experts around the world utilize this type of training because it’s PROVEN to work and we SEE it work EVERY DAY.

The problems are:

Most people don’t know what to do on their own. It’s specialized. It takes years of school, training, and experience to figure out exactly what does and does not work. 

Most athletes aren’t getting this training at the most critical time in their lives…

And most injury prevention programs aren’t easily accessible to the athletes who need it most…

That’s why I created a simple, easy-to-follow program that’s accessible from anywhere, so athletes can get the training they deserve to protect their knees and their future


Bulletproof Secrets

ACL Strong isn’t like other exercise plans you’ve seen before…

Bulletproof Secrets is a 6 week transformational process that will guide you from having hidden weaknesses (that are making you susceptible to injury),
To being stronger, quicker, and more resilient so you excel in sports and reach your dreams!

Warm-up routines

Unlock Your Athletic Potential with Dynamic Warm-up Routines


Exercises are organized
into weekly modules


Professional tips, strategies, and secrets are revealed in each module

Accessible by App

More convenient and accessible than other programs

Proactive approach

to stop injuries before they happen

Minimal Time Commitment

Weekly routines take only 20 minutes and should be don

All you need to GET RESULTS is just:

Featured In

Thousands of Athletes have Fixed knee pain and Had injury-free seasons with ACL Strong!


Coach Linda Schuck is proactive with her basketball players, but found they often don’t have much time. She wanted a program that was easy and doable. After finding ACL Strong, Coach Schuck has now gone through the program with her players for three consecutive years and said it makes a big difference, seeing improvement in as little as 4 weeks.

“I really encourage you to do it as a team together.  It’s quick and quite effective.”


After injuring her knee in soccer, Isabelle’s pain wouldn’t go away. Fearing re-injury and having to play through the pain, Isabelle luckily found ACL Strong.

“I could tell that I was getting a lot stronger and that my knee was getting a lot better because I wasn’t feeling pain during practices all the time.”

Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside once you become a member

8 Easy To Follow Bulletproofing Modules To Catapult Confidence and Your Athletic Career

Starting Line: Uncovering Secrets That Most Athletes Don’t Know

Training Week 1: Building A Foundation of Strength

Training Week 2: Activate Your Rock-Solid Core

Training Week 3: Enhancing Stability for Action in All Directions

Training Week 4: Breaking Through Barriers

Training Week 5: Reaching New Heights

Training Week 6: Scaling Invincibility

Game-Changing Secrets and Expert Tips so you can have the Career of Your Dreams

Dr. Leslie

Created by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Sports Injury Prevention Expert, Leslie Desrosiers.

" I’ve helped thousands of athletes and active people of all ages overcome injury and take their performance to a higher level "

You have options when it comes to injury prevention exercises…

The first mistake people make is they search the internet for free exercises. While you might find some decent exercises buried in the chaos, most will likely not be right for you at the stage you’re in. Think about it… It’s like going to the grocery store and blindly gathering random ingredients, hoping to make a specialized dish. If you don’t add the right ingredients, in the right amounts,  in the right order, then you won’t end up with a desirable meal at the end. Sure, you might get something to eat, but it won’t be the best and fastest way to get the outcome you are looking for (and you might get sick in the meantime). 

A random approach to exercise can get you moving, and that’s great, but most free exercises you find online don’t follow a safe progression to build integrity while avoiding injury, they lack thorough instruction about proper form, and they don’t teach you why it’s important or how to continue on your own long-term.

With so many “online experts” pushing different ideas, how do you know who to listen to? It’s confusing.

The truth is, you can cause yourself a lot of unnecessary problems by doing the wrong exercises or by doing a good exercise the wrong way. I have seen this SO many times.

Honestly, I’ve been shocked by some of the downright dangerous exercises that are recommended online, without detailed instruction for ensuring safety and good technique. Sometimes people try to be creative or “different”, and they end up with an exercise that has a better chance of hurting someone than helping them.

ACL Strong keeps safety at the forefront and teaches smarter training progressions so you get bigger and better results in less time…and the best part is, you don’t have to figure it out on your own because I’ve already done that part for you.

On the other hand, some people hire a personal trainer to take them through a training regiment to get stronger, more flexible, or more fit for a sport.  If you decide to hire a professional, make sure you find someone with extensive experience in both rehabilitation, prevention, and performance to keep you safe for the long-haul. Be prepared because in-person training gets really expensive and you’ll be locked into scheduled appointments. For reference, I charge $3000 for a 6 week one-on-on training program (although I’m not taking new clients at this time because my schedule is booked). 

But I want you to be more independent for the long-haul. ACL Strong gives you lifetime access, so you or your athlete can log in and repeat the exercises or the complete training system every year, to stay strong and resilient through the most competitive and high-risk years.

If you don’t want to figure it out for yourself, and you don’t want to pay premium prices for one-on-one training, then you can have freedom, convenience, and expert guidance with ACL Strong.

I designed this program to be a complete process to help competitive athletes in field and court sports make the transformation from not even realizing that they are susceptible to injuries, to being stronger and more resilient so they can perform at the highest level they can imagine, without a torn ACL or chronic setbacks getting in their way. 

I wanted to make this effective and life-changing training style accessible to all athletes, no matter where they are or what level they are currently at, so they can be more proactive with their game…and their future.

Bulletproof Secrets

While I could easily charge thousands for this program, it’s actually only $197 and includes Lifetime Access because I want to get it to as many young athletes as possible to save them from devastating knee injuries!


Enroll in ACL Strong: Bulletproof Secrets Today

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There’ s NO risk because your Investment is fully backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We are so confident in ACL Strong and we want you to feel at ease with your investment. You can rest assured that if you buy this program and go through it, but you truly don’t find value in it, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Plus, you’ll get these awesome bonuses!

Bonus #1: Movement Prep Warm-Up

A good dynamic warm-up can be the secret sauce to supercharging your nervous system, enhancing flexibility, and unleashing your athletic potential.

Bonus #2: Ankle Strength Add-On

Ever had an ankle sprain? Sometimes feel like you have weak ankles? Unfortunately, sprained ankles are almost a right of passage in some sports because they are so common, but it doesn’t have to be that way. People always ask us, “What can I do for my ankles?” So I put together this routine that will help, whether you’re a chronic sprainer or you’ve never hurt your ankle before.

Bonus #3: Live Support for 6 Months

Sometimes you just need someone to go to when you have a quick question or need a modification for an exercise…and we have your back! We truly want you to be successful in this training, feeling stronger and moving better.

Join ACL Strong: Bulletproof Secrets

Let’s Recap!

When you sign up for ACL Strong: Bulletproof Secrets, you get instant access to the 8 bulletproofing modules with videos, exercises, and conceptual trainings that will get you or your athlete on the right path to being stronger and more resilient on the field or court in as little as 6 weeks!

The value of this training is worth thousands!

Bulletproof Secrets

(We know you’ve invested a lot into your sport already…so it’s time to protect your athlete AND your investment)

Now, you have a choice to make…

First, you can choose to do nothing and just hope you don’t get hurt… but, if an ACL rupture strikes, you’ll wish you had done more when you had the chance.

The other choice is to be proactive to get stronger and avoid injuries so you have your best season and career possible!

ACL Strong is trusted by athletes around the world. Our members return every year to go through our training system to prepare for their sport, so they can be as active or competitive as they want, for as long as they want. 

It’s time to take your future into your own hands, and take your sport as far as you can dream, without dealing with setbacks or a career-ending injury. 

Now you decide.

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