6 Count Mobility Routine for Hips, T-Spine, and Hamstrings

Are you tired of holding stretches for 30 seconds?

Do you want to get more stretching done in less time?

Do you want to get MORE OUT OF YOUR WORKOUTS overall?

I’m going to show you how you can be MORE EFFICIENT with your workouts, by stringing movements together into a DYNAMIC MOBILITY routine.

With only a short break between my cardio session and first meeting of the day today, I made the most of my time by flowing from one movement to the next, working on both strength and flexibility.

👇 Here is a quick routine to improve hip mobility, thoracic spine mobility, hamstring flexibility, as well as leg strength and body control, for a well-rounded routine to maximize a few minutes in your busy day.

Instead of holding each pose for 30 seconds, like some stretches require, this one allows us to stay fluid.

⏱ I keep a rhythm by counting “1,2,3,4,5,6” to complete one side, then switch.  I did about 5-10 rounds on each side….and felt great! 💃

Here’s how the count goes…

1. Step back into a Lunge and bring hands to floor (I keep both hands on the inside of my forward leg because I am prone to hip impingement and this keeps me in a safer position – you can do whatever works for you)

2. Reach one hand toward sky and rotate through mid-back to look at your hand (reach with the same hand as the forward leg – this will keep your other hand down in a tripod position)

3. Hands go back to the floor in the initial lunge position

4. Straighten your forward leg gently for a hamstring stretch (back leg will be straight as well – you can press your heel down in back for a calf stretch at the same time)

5. Return to the initial lunge position

6. Stand up tall with feet side by side

Then repeat by stepping back with the other leg and following the 6 counts as above.

Continue as many times as you want, alternating sides. 

This is it again…

👉 Give it a shot and see how good you’ll feel in just a few short minutes!

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