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What Now?

Congratulations on Completing the Snow Course!!! You Rock! For the next 6-12 months, your chance of injury is 50-67% LOWER than if you had NOT done this course! THAT’S HUGE!!! You have a MUCH LOWER chance of dealing with most non-contact lower extremity problems, including: ankle sprains, shin splints, quad strains, hip pain, knee pain, …

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M6: Black Diamond Bonus

More challenge…more FUN!  But just so you know…when people see you doing these exercises, they are going to make comments like, “That’s Impressive!”, “You’re Amazing!”, or “WOW, how do you DO that?!”  Embrace it.  You worked hard for it.  🙂 This is the FINAL WEEK and the end of the Black Diamond Bonus Challenge! You …

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Module 4: Becoming Resilient

Can you feel that you’re stronger and more controlled with the exercises?  Your body is learning how to move better and is already using these new movement patterns in real-life, without you even realizing it!   You’re stronger than you were just a few weeks ago… You are quicker on your feet… You’re more likely to save …

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Module 3: Essential Stability

You are already HALFWAY through the 4 Module Challenge! This is Module THREE.  Once again, the exercises are becoming more challenging, but you can do it! As you perform the drills each week, you are improving your body’s capacity for more load (remember Capacity and Demand from the Intro module??).   Keep working on body control and …

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Module 2: Core Control

In this module, you will build upon what you were working on in last module.  Focusing on balance and control with every rep, you will gain strength in the right muscles to become a more efficient mover and a better athlete! The exercises may feel slightly more challenging.  Stick with it and you will become …

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Module 1: Strong Foundation

Begin your journey to resilience by building a foundation of strength, balance, and body awareness. Always focus on your form; and emphasize quality over quantity. Try to keep your knees in line with your hips and feet.  Also, avoid locking your knees in a completely straight (or hyperextended position). Use the NOTES tab to document your …

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M5: Black Diamond Bonus

Do you know what’s better than 4 weeks of neuromuscular training for injury prevention and performance???…….6 Weeks!! Welcome to the Black Diamond Bonus Challenge. These next two modules will take your stability, resilience, and performance to a whole new level. Get ready to have your bset season ever! As always, if you’re having any pain …

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Congratulations on joining ACL Strong to protect your knees so you can enjoy sports and an active lifestyle for as long as possible! Get ready!  We are about to guide you step by step through a proven system to reduce your risk of an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury or Knee Pain this season.  Non-contact …

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