Snow Course V5

Module 5: Black Diamond Bonus I

💥 LET’S KEEP GOING TO BULLETPROOF YOUR KNEES AND HIPS EVEN MORE! 💥 💥 AND SKYROCKET YOUR PERFORMANCE! 💥 Welcome to the Black Diamond Bonus Challenge! These next two modules will take your performance and resilience to a whole new level. Get ready to have your BEST SEASON EVER! As always, if you’re feeling any …

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Module 4: Becoming Bulletproof

Can you feel that you’re stronger and more controlled with the exercises?  Your body is learning how to move better and is already using these new movement patterns in real-life, without you even realizing it!   👉 You’re STRONGER than you were just a few weeks ago… 👉 You are QUICKER on your feet… 👉 You’re more likely to …

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Welcome! Let’s Do This!

I’m so excited to bring you VERSION 5 of the Snow Course! Get ready to start moving better, feeling better, and saving your knees and body NOW, so you can keep doing what you love for as long as possible! 💪 We are going to walk you step by step through the EXACT process that …

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