PSIA-AASI Podcast: Get Knee Smart with ACL Strong Tips

In an interview with George Thomas, from the Professional Ski Instructors Association and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI), we discuss best strategies to physically prepare for snow-skiing and snowboarding, specifically to protect your knees.  We talk about the important pillars of injury prevention training and how this specific type of training reduces the risk of knee pain or injury.

If you work or play on the snow, then it’s essential to prepare your body for the season by training your hips, legs, and core muscles properly.  Follow our neuromuscular training tips to PROTECT your knees, PREVENT injuries, and PERFORM better.

Listen to the First-Chair Podcast by PSIA-AASI HERE

Leslie Desrosiers, shares tips to help you learn injury prevention measures to protect your knees. Also, PSIA-AASI added an ACL Strong training program to its slate of e-learning courses. This course offers various modules to help you enhance your strength, balance, agility, landing mechanics, and flexibility. Those who successfully complete the course receive two continuing education units. Check it out at: tiny.cc/ELearningCourses.

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Wondering how to sign-up for ACL Strong?  Click here to learn more about the Snow Course.  Members of PSIA-AASI can sign-up on the PSIA-AASI e-learning site.  Let’s do this!

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