ACL Injuries in Field Sports

Anterior Cruiciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are becoming increasingly more prevalent in youth sports, especially in sports that involve running, cutting, jumping, and competing with other players.  If you are involved in field or court sports, then you have likely heard about how physically and emotionally devastating an ACL rupture can be for an athlete.

An injury to the anterior cruciate ligament can occur due to trauma during a collision or during a non-contact incident.  Although sports generally have inherent risks which could result in a knee injury, there are proven training strategies that reduce the chances of non-contact injuries.

Non-contact injuries often result from poor knee mechanics during landing from a jump, a rapid change in direction, or a plant-and-twist mechanism.  If a player has a deficit in strength or neuromuscular control in the lower limb during any of the above movements, the result is typically an increase in dynamic valgus angle at the knee, or a “knock-knee” position.  Increased dynamic valgus force on the knee has been associated with excessive stress on the ACL.  Fortunately, proper training can improve knee mechanics and has been a proven strategy to reduce the incidence of ACL injury.

Our ACL Strong injury prevention training program guides athletes through a systematic progression of the EXACT training exercises have helped tons of athletes prevent ACL injuries.

ACL Injury prevention program helps improve performance and lower risk of injury

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