How to Advance An Exercise As You Get Stronger

In this ACL Strong Tip, I demonstrate a nice exercise progression if you are working on strength, balance, or injury prevention.

The strategy used here is simple. I begin with a foundational exercise, and when the movement pattern is correct, I add an unstable surface or a rotational component, or both. This is one way to advance an exercise as you get stronger.

In this example, we began with the mini squat, demonstrating good form and muscle activation. Then, we added the BOSU Balance Trainer for an unstable surface, which incorporates more core stability and hip control. Next, we added rotation with the upper body, while maintaining stability and control with the hips and legs. This makes the exercise even more functional and effective for targeting strength, balance, and injury prevention.

Whether the athlete plays a field or court sport, or enjoys outdoor mountain or snow sports, this is an excellent exercise that can be easily adapted to fit the athlete’s ability.

Hope you enjoyed the video! The sound quality isn’t great as I was testing a new method, but you get the idea!

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