Podcast: Is Your Athlete At Risk For A Knee Injury?

What can we do to help our athletes succeed in their sport and in life, without getting injured along the way?

What can we do to prevent injuries before they happen?

What’s the deal with ACL injuries and why are they happening to young athletes, especially females?

In this episode of the Sports Moms United Podcast, I was invited to discuss information relating to PREVENTION of ACL injuries. How can we avoid these devastating injuries before they happen…

Click here to LISTEN to the 15 minute Episode

Sports Moms United is a group dedicated to raising nutritionally-fit, physically-fit, and mentally-fit athletes.  They have a supportive community and tons of resources for sports moms to keep their athletes going strong. Join the Facebook Group here.

Enjoy the show and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or to see if your athlete should be enrolled in an injury prevention program.


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