Coach’s Secret Weapon: 3 Reasons Why a Pre-Season Injury Prevention Program can be a Coach’s Secret Weapon

The “Secret Weapon” that successful proactive coaches are using to prepare their teams to blast into a dynamite, winning season is a pre-season injury prevention program.

Here are 3 simple reasons why a Pre-Season Injury Prevention Program can be a Coach’s Secret Weapon:


1. Players will be more Fit at the start of the season

Players work on flexibility and strength independently

Have you ever wished you could get your players moving or exercising before team practices begin? Or have you ever issued a conditioning plan for your players during their break, with little follow-through?

What if they had someone to guide and inspire them through daily or weekly exercises on their own, without paying for a personal trainer or strength coach?

With a proper training regiment and expert-guidance during the pre-season, even prior to the first team meet-up, athletes show up on DAY 1 stronger, more confident, and more fit – ready to explode into team training sessions.

Good pre-season preparation leads to greater overall development and a higher-level of performance throughout the season.  An independent pre-season injury prevention program that educates and trains athletes can give your team an edge up on the competition from the start.


2. More time for coaching the technical and tactical

When your players share the responsibility for their pre-season injury prevention training by completing some of the exercises at home, the coach is able to focus on other aspects of training to develop competent, strong, team players and plan for a winning season.

With a dedicated at-home program, the players learn the importance of preparing their bodies for the season and are guided in exactly what to do (rather than randomly jogging or lifting weights, or just jumping zero-to-full force). Too many injuries occur as a result of a training error, usually increasing intensity too rapidly.  Learning how to avoid injuries will continue to benefit these athletes for life.

With an independent injury prevention program, the exercises can be done 100% at-home, 100% as a team, or a hybrid of 1-2 days at-home and 1-2 days together, freeing up the coach to spend more time on other valuable aspects of coaching, like technical training, skills, decision-making, mental strength, endurance, and other secrets that the coach has up his or her sleeve.


3. Team Chemistry

Have you ever noticed how a tightly-bonded team with great chemistry can out-perform a team with highly-skilled individual players? Team bonding experiences can be extremely valuable in unifying a team.

A pre-season injury prevention program promotes team bonding.  Players learn how to help, motivate, and inspire their teammates with positive communication.  Players build friendships, lean on each other, and gain trust in one-another.

Teams with good chemistry play better together.

If you are a coach and you already encourage a pre-season program, you are a step ahead! If you haven’t tried this strategy, then I recommend giving it a shot and see for yourself.


Author:  Dr. Leslie Desrosiers, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Date: January 4, 2019


If reducing injuries by 50-80%, enhancing performance, and creating team chemistry is important to you, consider a pre-season injury prevention program.

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