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Mimi V.
Ski Instructor

carefully and specifically put together

This is so carefully and specifically put together in a super accessible format. Each exercise clearly targets core and stability muscles and repeatedly emphasizes proper alignment. It is almost “easy” in its simplicity, yet so powerful and strengthening in its execution.

I love the ACL program!

It’s specific and targeted to the ACL with the added bonus of balance and coordination challenges and an overall body strengthening work out. Good video, good descriptions and done in about 20 minutes!

Having had ACL surgery I know how important it is for me to continue to focus on this area for a strong active life.

Cindy A.

improved my balance and stability

I’ve been taking the Snow Course offered through my employer, Vail Resorts. It’s great! I’m a ski patroller, and we often find ourselves in less-than-ideal positions while helping guests on the hill—exercises have improved my balance and stability both on and off the snow. Thank you for all of the experience, knowledge, and thought that you put into this course.

Jane T.


and all the email motivation helps you feel like part of a community that is invested in both injury prevention and sport enjoyment!  I know that ACL Strong has become an invaluable practice for my desire to keep moving always, on the trail, on the slope, and anywhere I go!

“I have been doing the program for 10 days now. I am feeling STRONGER, more BALANCE and more STABLE each week! Thanks for such a terrific program that is EASY, FAST and actually WORKS. I will be ready to start skiing soon and am looking forward to a great season teaching in Vail.”

Mitchell F.

Gavin P.

I loved it!

It was SIMPLE and QUICK enough to add in to the day rather than replace an activity or workout. It also added a bunch of exercises I never have tried before. I was feeling stronger and more stable in my movements in all activities. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to do your course and thanks for doing what you do.

Mauve J.

My ACL Strong exercises saved me from an injury two weeks ago - and I'm only on Module 3!

 I had an impact at where I landed on one foot with force and wasn’t able to bend correctly. It could have been a recipe for injury, but it wasn’t! I irritated my fat pad on my knee, but that resolved after a few days, and now I’m feeling great. My physiotherapist said my ACL is “solid.” I’m so relieved that my knee was solid enough to stay strong under pressure! Thank you!

Excellent Exercises,

not only do they help your knees become stronger, they helped me rehab my recently sprained knee that previously had meniscus surgery. Thank you Dr. Leslie!!!!

Susan R.

These exercises really do strengthen WITHOUT torture I'm trusting my balance more. The videos, narration and text provided the perfect guidance. It’s something I've never done in the past, but will do going forward. I am feeling confident about the precise way to do these exercises and stretches.
Robin M.

Joan G.

It has been excellent!

Impressed with how all body, joint movements have been addressed. COMPREHENSIVE, NO NONSENSE presentations of each exercise. INFORMATIVE and HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL. As a qualified Physiotherapist ( British Diploma, Canadian degree) I appreciated your approach , simplicity and guidance. Thank you!

This program made a difference in STRENGTH, AGILITY and CONFIDENCE on skis.

I tore an MCL a couple of years ago, and even with extensive rehab, always worried about it. ACL Strong helped me strengthen my affected leg to the point I could get over that apprehension.

Gillian S

Amy Z.

Learning how to strengthen muscle groups to protect the knee was really valuable.

Landing softly is an art and this course helped with that and greatly improved balance consciousness. Great use of tech – the course is very USER-FRIENDLY!

Mary Jo K.

I just turned 69 !!!
My knees haven’t felt this good in 20 years.

Even tho I didn’t finish every module in the course, I do my ACL strong everyday. I still ski 4 days a week, teaching. Hike 5 miles a couple of days a week. This changed my life. I’m no longer thinking surgery( (28 years PSIA )

This program rocks!

I’m already feeling STRONGER in my legs and more AGILE. I feel the difference after each module! Today’s exercises went great, no problems.

Peggy E.

I did this program 2-3 times before my first time back on the mountain after my accident, and was absolutely stoked with how my knee held up! It is stronger now than it was pre accident, my balance was noticeably better and I had absolutely no issues with pain or swelling. I love this program and incorporate elements of it into my functional fitness training to keep my knees strong and moving freely.
Tegan F.

Keith M.

Thank you Dr. Leslie for the ACL Strong program.

I am 56 years old and have been skiing since 5yrs old, this program refocused my training on balance and proper knee alignment. I look forward to continuing these exercises and incorporating them with my other workouts. ACL Strong for life!

Denise L.

Amazing course! I learned how to protect my knees/ACL.

With each progressive week of exercises, I noticed how much I increased in AGILITY, STRENGTH, and BALANCE. My form vastly IMPROVED throughout the program. The videos, descriptions, and narration were EXCELLENT! The low and high impact options were great suggestions. I truly enjoyed the entire course and will continue with 1-3 exercises from each week. Thank you Dr. Desrosiers for helping me increase my confidence, prevent ACL injuries, and improve my skiing technique especially in the moguls. I am grateful for this ACL Strong program!

Kathy N

I have had 3 surgeries on it and am scheduled for replacement in April. At the beginning of the season, I could barely walk in my boots and ski.

Now, I can now walk freely in my boots, ski and teach skiing. I can ski blues and blacks and moguls.

 I have  done PT and PT exercises for 3-4 years.  Nothing has worked like your exercises.  I can now gently do them without the support. I am 69 years old and have been instructing and skiing for every season for 50 years. I am an avid cyclist and am hoping these exercises will get me back to backpacking!  Thank you and Monarch for keeping me doing the sports I love!

Joan R.

My legs felt strong all year long.

Last year before taking the course my legs felt sore. BEST MONEY I SPENT TAKING THE COURSE!

Well, Of course the workouts-the progression was perfect for me. The beginning of each module was challenging at first and by #3 workout I felt so much stronger, just in time to move to the next module. I was never bored. The videos were awesome and the written text made it easy to refer to points I needed refreshing on. Loved Loved Loved the course!

Jill C.

Sarah S

Your program is so awesome! I was blown away!

I really enjoyed the versatility of the different moves and explanation especially for those that don’t have a Bosu ball or other professional equipment handy. I never found a PT that incorporated as many ski like strengthening moves as you. AMAZING! I can’t wait to keep up this routine and do it all over again next season. I will forever be recommending your program thank you!!

Kathy B.

Very informative and enjoyable program which was easy to learn, review, and study as needed.

My second year with ACL Strong. Very convenient to couple with the ski season. No doubt strengthened my legs, hips. My knees feel great! Will continue the program in the future.

I am very happy

As a ski patroller with some nagging knee pain from an injury 30 years ago, I am very happy to have found your courses through NSP. Great stuff! Thank you!

Nate T.

I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and feedback. Fabulous program! I feel much stronger and notice a difference when I ski with my knee stability, especially in moguls.
Rory C.
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