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Get Fit for the Season, Avoid Injury, and Protect Your Knees so You Can Enjoy The Mountain Lifestyle for as Long as Possible

Discover How To Eliminate Knee Pain, Save Your ACL, And Shred Like A Boss This Season And Many More


Knee pain or ACL injuries seem almost inevitable when you're on the mountain year after year

If you’re like most of our members, you love the feeling of carving through fresh powder, crushing moguls, and exploring new terrain. First tracks, back-to-back days, and impressing yourself (or your kids!) are all part of the rush of being out on the slopes as much as possible through the winter.

The off-season brings more outdoor adventures in the mountains, rivers, deserts, and oceans. Whether it’s biking, climbing, hiking, paddling, or other outdoor lifestyle activities, we all want to keep doing what we love for as long as possible…

We need our knees to keep up for the ride.

But chances are, you know someone who has had a serious knee injury and never got back on skis. Or someone with arthritis so bad that it hurts to even think about sliding into boots or hiking across rocky terrain.

And you might already know this, but…

It’s frustrating to live with pain.

It’s disappointing to miss out when you’re hurt.

It’s scary to come back after an injury. 

And it’s discouraging when you can’t do what you used to do.

You may have wondered if you’re doing “enough” to maximize your fitness, protect yourself from injury, and maintain your lifestyle for as long as possible.

Most people think the best way to be “most prepared” is by working out harder. But the truth is, it’s not about how much you exercise, it’s about how you exercise.

Lifting weights and mountain biking are NOT enough. 

You need specialized, sport-specific exercises to teach your brain and muscles to communicate quickly so you optimize movement and stay out of danger. 

Unfortunately, most people aren’t doing this type of training because they either didn’t know it was possible, or they don’t know HOW (so they completely skip it!).

I get it, though. There are so many conflicting ideas about the BEST exercises to do and it can be overwhelming and exhausting to try to figure it out.

Dr. Leslie Exercise ACL Strong

With so many exercises to choose from, how do you know which ones are best?

You’re NOT alone…

Getting the most bang for your buck is tricky. We don’t all have hours to spend at the gym every day. And for some, the most important thing is just feeling good to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

“Injury prevention” isn’t talked about early enough. We should teach this in early adolescence…but instead, we wait until you get hurt to teach you the trick to not getting hurt. It doesn’t make sense.

So, if you ignore preventative exercise, and you don’t take a strategic approach to longevity or performance, your skills will plateau, your joints will degrade more quickly, and you’ll be faced with injuries or surgeries that could eventually force you into early retirement.

Honestly, I’ve been active in sports my entire life and never heard anything about “injury prevention”... In fact, it wasn’t until I became a Doctor of Physical Therapy that I discovered how EASY it actually is! My mind was blown. Why is nobody doing this??

Dr. Leslie Exercise ACL Strong

So here’s the cold, hard truth that nobody ever told you…

Doing The Right Exercises, The Right Way, Is The Absolute BEST Way To Protect Your Knees, Prevent Injuries, And Elevate Your Performance.

It’s PROVEN by years of research!

In fact, a systematic review with meta-analysis (basically this means ALL of the good research was compiled) published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine revealed a 53% reduction in lower extremity injuries reported after performing a 4-6 week “injury prevention” training program with sport-specific exercises that included agility, plyometrics, strength, and balance training. (Huang et al)

Plus, these programs can help reduce pain and improve performance!

Experts agree that these programs are HIGHLY UNDER-UTILIZED.

…mostly because people don’t know WHAT to do, or HOW.

And that’s exactly why I’ve made it really easy for you…


Snow and beyond

The Newest Snow Course By ACL Strong

This isn’t like any exercise plan you’ve tried before...It's a

6 week transformational process that will guide you

From having hidden weaknesses (that you may not even know about)

To being stronger, more resilient, and more knowledgeable about protecting your knees and lifestyle long-term

Warm-up routines

to set up for success and reduce injuries

Strength Training

for the legs, hips, and core

Balance Training

for unexpected changes
in terrain and environment

Movement Re-training

for taking pressure off your knees and moving with more precision

Footwork and Agility

for reacting quickly and accurately


for general

…because you deserve to know how to preserve your knees (now and long-term) so you can live your life to the fullest!

All you need to GET RESULTS is just:

Get Stronger AND Feel Better? Yes, Please!

Find out what our members say about their experience in ACL Strong

a big difference in my strength and conditioning

“The training has made a big difference in my strength and conditioning this year, so thank you very much for the fine program!!”

Eric H., Northstar Ski Instructor

helped me rehab my recently sprained knee

"Not only do they help your knees become stronger, they helped me rehab my recently sprained knee that previously had meniscus surgery. Thank you Dr. Leslie!!!!”

Susan R, PSIA

My knees haven’t felt this good in 20 years.

“I just turned 69 !!! My knees haven’t felt this good in 20 years. This has changed my life. I’m no longer thinking about surgery.”

Mary Jo K., PSIA

made a difference in strength, agility, and confidence

“This program made a difference in strength, agility, and confidence on skis. I tore an MCL a couple of years ago, and even with extensive rehab, I always worried about it. ACL Strong helped me strengthen and get over that apprehension.”

Gillian S., NSP

ACL Strong has helped me avoid surgery

“I had been recommended to have two knee replacements. ACL Strong has helped me avoid surgery, for now. I’m skiing stronger this year than last. Thank you for the program!”

Rick H., NSP

my legs became noticeably stronger & ready to ski

“Even though I consistently workout, following the program helped my legs become noticeably stronger and ready to ski. The addition of balance work and a proper pre-ski warm-up were an added benefit.”

James S., Coach

Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside the Course once you become a member

8 Easy-to-Follow Bulletproofing Modules to Get bigger results in less time


Intro Module: Discover The Secret to Living the Mountain Life, for Life

Exercise Modules to keep you on track and progressing like an athlete

Module 1: Building a Foundation for Longevity

Module 2: Developing a Rock Solid Core

Module 3: Establishing All-Terrain Stability

Module 4: Making a Bulletproof Breakthrough

PLUS, Amplify your Results in this Black Diamond Bonus Challenge

Module 5: Unleash Your Inner Athleticism

Module 6: Stay Active or Competitive For Life

Final Module: Designing the Lifestyle You Want with a Strategy that Works

Dr. Leslie

" I’ve helped thousands of athletes and active people of all ages overcome injury and take their performance to a higher level "

I know you have options when it comes to hiring an expert…

To give you some perspective, my patients pay me anywhere from $3000 to $7000 to guide them through rehab and back to their sport stronger over a 6 week to 4 month period. So, you could hire me one-on-one, but I’m limited on how many clients I can take on at that level and my waitlist is already so full that I’m actually not accepting new clients right now.

Or you could hire a personal trainer to take you through a ski or snowboard specific training program, but you will have to pay a premium price to get an experienced, qualified trainer who will keep you safe while you get stronger. Plan to spend upwards of $2000 for just the first 6 weeks, not to mention meeting early in the morning or late in the evening for scheduled appointments. And after 6 weeks, then what? You’ll be on your own again and you’ll probably have to spend that money again next year for pre-season fitness training.

Or you can try to unravel it yourself…

On the other hand, you could try to figure it out on your own and spend hours at the gym, wasting time on the wrong exercises, or even worse, putting yourself more AT-RISK by doing exercises the wrong way. And if you’re like most people, you’ll still miss the most essential components of training that will help prevent injuries.

Figuring out exactly which exercises to do can be totally overwhelming. There are so many websites, online videos, and unqualified people saying what TO do or what NOT to do. Who should you trust? The truth is, most of what’s available for free online is risky because it’s not designed with safety in mind, or with your specific goals in mind. I’ve seen a lot of people get hurt by following free advice online.

Don’t make mistakes that could cost you your knees. It's NOT worth it.

I designed this program to be a complete process to help serious snowsports enthusiasts make the transformation from being unknowingly susceptible to injury, to being stronger and more resilient, so they can simply do what they love, without being limited by preventable pain or injury.

My goal was to create an option for people who want to do this proactively, so they don’t have to get hurt in order to learn these life-changing strategies.

Course CoverFeatured Snow Course V5

I designed this program to be a complete process to help active, outdoorsy people make the transformation from not even realizing that they are weak or vulnerable in certain critical areas, to being stronger and more resilient athletes, so they can simply do what they love, without being limited by preventable pain or injury.

My goal was to create an option for people who want to do this proactively, so they don’t have to get hurt in order to learn this life-changing information.

Get $100 OFF!

And because you registered for the webinar, we know you’re serious about getting stronger and staying ahead of your body so you can shred season after season. We truly want you to succeed…to feel better…to be stronger than you’ve been…and to get as much quality time on the mountain as possible, ON and OFF the snow!

You are invited to join right now and take $100 OFF the full price of the program! Maintaining your active, outdoorsy lifestyle is just a click away…

This offer is available for a few days only, so don’t procrastinate!

So tell me... ARE YOU IN?!

Enroll in ACL Strong Today

Click the button to get $100 OFF and Lifetime Access!

Regularly $329, but register before the deadline and get your discount locked in!

For questions or help with your purchase, email

And there’ s NO risk because your Investment is fully backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We are so confident in ACL Strong and we want you to feel at ease with your investment. You can rest assured that if you buy this program and go through it, but you truly don’t find value in it, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

PLUS, I have 3 of our most popular bonuses for you…for FREE!

The 8 module Snow and Beyond course itself is a complete plan to transform your training and enhance your season. But there’s more where that came from!

The mistake most people make is they skip a dynamic warm-up. To perform your best, push your limits, or simply be more resilient, a good warm-up is an essential part of your day.

Whether it’s mature joints or a minor setback, a simple stretching routine can go a long way to help you recovery and get ready for more.

You already workout. You lift weights. You do cardio. Now, get your heartrate up and muscles burning with the new Legs On Fire Kettlebell Workout that can meet you wherever you are in your fitness level and desires.

Let’s Recap!

When you sign up for ACL Strong Snow and Beyond, you get instant access to the 8 bulletproofing modules with videos and exercises that will get you on the right path to being stronger on and off the mountain in as little as 6 weeks!

The value of this training is worth thousands!

(Not to mention the money you save by avoiding doctors appointments, surgeries, or even a lost-paycheck.)

Now, You Have A Choice to Make…

First, you can choose to do nothing and ignore this preventative exercise...

and your lifestyle will gradually start to slip away. Start the timer.

The other choice is to be proactive and take care of your knees now (the #1 most frequent and most expensive injury), no matter what state they are in, and join the most-trusted injury prevention and performance program in the industry, for life.

ACL Strong has already proven to be incredibly valuable to thousands of other ski and ride pros, and is endorsed by the biggest organizations, from PSIA-AASI (Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors) and NSP (National Ski Patrol) to USCSA (United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association, Vail Resorts, and reputable insurance companies.

It’s time to take your future into your own hands, so you can keep enjoying the lifestyle that you’re so lucky to be a part of.

Now you decide.

Your Most Popular Questions... Answered!

Below is a list of the most common questions that I have been asked. If you have a question that isn’t on this list, and you’d like it answered before joining ACL Strong, please send an email to our team at and we will be happy to give you the clarity you need to make your decision.

The only requirement is a resistance mini band.  We highly recommend an unstable surface or balance trainer (i.e. BOSU or dyna disc) to get the most out of the balance/stability exercises, but it’s not required.  There are alternatives provided if you don’t have access to this, such as a pillow or foam pad.  We also show how to use a foam roller and stretching strap, but these are optional.  See our equipment page for more info.

You can enroll a group in 3 easy steps:

One: Complete our Ski Area form or Team Discount form.  We will connect via email and provide a quote for your group.  Once accepted, we can send an invoice and get started!

Two: You will receive Registration instructions for your group members to self-register on the website.

Three: All participants will have access to the program immediately and through the entire season (up to one year)!

***For staying bulletproof long-term, we recommend repeating the program every year, starting pre-season.

The Snow Course is not intended for rehab from an existing injury without an evaluation by a medical professional or physical therapist first.  If you are cleared to play a sport and have NO precautions for weight-bearing, range of motion, jumping, and lateral cutting, then you can participate in the course.  We highly encourage participants NOT to push into pain during the exercises.  We provide modifications for most exercises and participants should choose the intensity that they can perform with good form (and no pain).  We emphasize quality over quantity.  If pain is noted during an exercise, we ask participants to follow these steps:  1) Check your form, 2) Decrease Intensity or Impact, and 3) If pain persists, then simply skip that exercise.  After ACL reconstruction, we recommend waiting 9-12 months to participate in the course.  Once you are cleared for running, jumping, and changing directions WITHOUT pain or limitations, then you may participate at 9 months post-op.

Yes, I love interacting with members!  I encourage you to utilize the Facebook group for support as well.  Our community is amazing.

Yes!  We encourage teams, departments, and organizations to do this training.  Pricing is based on number of participants and grants a one year license to all who register with the team or organization.  Contact Us for a quote!

While the course is designed for individual participants, we understand that families may purchase the course to participate in together.  Doing the exercises together can be helpful for compliance, motivation, and keeping good form. Please keep the login credentials within your own family, as number of logins per day may be restricted and will impact tracking/progress through the course. 

The problem with searching for your own “injury prevention” exercises on Google or Youtube is that you are not getting a comprehensive program that addresses all necessary components of injury prevention.  It can be overwhelming to sift through hundreds of exercises, determine which are right for you, and make sure you are covering all aspects that are necessary for effective prevention.  You will likely stumble upon exercises that may or may not be appropriate for your level of fitness and body control. Choosing the wrong exercises, or doing exercises the wrong way, can be dangerous and may lead to injury.

Yes, you can log in from any device including your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Now we have an app!  Be sure to download it from the AppStore or Google Play Store.

Purchasing the course independently gives you a personal license with lifetime access. 

If you are a team or organization, purchasing the course grants you access for up to 1 year.  The best way to continue to reduce injuries each year is by returning to this program with your team or organization each year.  Please see our Team Inquiry page.

A long-term maintenance plan should include continuing with neuromuscular training exercises for about 15 minutes, 2-3 times per week.  There are a couple of ways we recommend to do this:

  1. Repeat the course from the beginning, choosing the best options/modifications for your current level.
  2. Select exercises or modules from the course to repeat 2-3 times per week.
  3. Repeat the Snow Course or Classic Course before each season of your sport.
  4. Upgrade to the Elite Membership to gain access to more exercises, trainings, and office hours with me, Dr. Leslie, so you can stay strong ALL YEAR.  Plus, you’ll automatically get access to the newest Snow Course and Classic Course every year! Click Here
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