Pre-season training

Is Static Stretching Bad?

In recent years, dynamic stretching has gained recognition as the best stretching method to prepare for sports; but in the meantime, many people took this to mean that static stretching is “bad.”  Is static stretching truly bad? Does static stretching negatively impact performance? Should static stretching be avoided altogether? In this article, we discuss how …

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Before and After

Do fit, healthy, competitive athletes need neuromuscular training? When I met this fit, healthy, competitive athlete, he had complaints of chronic hip pain that “nobody could figure out” for years. He eventually gave up and accepted that he would deal with hip pain for the rest of his life. He was told previously that he …

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PSIA-AASI Podcast: Get Knee Smart with ACL Strong Tips

In an interview with George Thomas, from the Professional Ski Instructors Association and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI), we discuss best strategies to physically prepare for snow-skiing and snowboarding, specifically to protect your knees.  We talk about the important pillars of injury prevention training and how this specific type of training reduces the risk …

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