Hidden Weakness that leads to Knee Pain and Ankle Sprains

What do ankle sprains, knee pain, hip pain, and lower back pain all have in common? 👉 When evaluating a patient with any of the above complaints, we OFTEN find an underlying balance deficit that was most likely present before the pain or injury was ever acknowledged. Do you have

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Choosing the Best Injury Prevention Program for You

An injury to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, known as the ACL, can be season-ending and life-changing for a competitive athlete.  As a coach, parent, or athlete, you would prefer to hear anything besides those three letters…A.C.L, which is why choosing an injury prevention program before that happens is essential. A

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Managing Injuries with PEACE & LOVE

Injury management has evolved over the years, and the once highly recognized R.I.C.E. method may not be the only, or best, way to handle acute injuries. A more active recovery strategy is stepping front and center. R.I.C.E. is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate, which was the standard

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Stop ACL Injuries without Sacrificing Practice Time

Nobody wants to be sidelined with an injury. Nobody wants to watch their kid suffer through pain and frustration of a major injury and long road to recovery. Nobody wants to be the coach with a star athlete on the bench because of a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in

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Before and After

Do fit, healthy, competitive athletes need neuromuscular training? When I met this fit, healthy, competitive athlete, he had complaints of chronic hip pain that “nobody could figure out” for years. He eventually gave up and accepted that he would deal with hip pain for the rest of his life. He

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The Type of Coach who earns “Coach of the Year”

Does joining ACL Strong make you “Coach of the Year”?  Or does the type of coach who earns “Coach of the Year” choose ACL Strong for their team?? We’re pretty sure it’s the latter; but all joking aside, this is an important point! The type of coach who earns “Coach

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The Fix for Shin Splints That Most People Miss

The Treatment That’s Essential for Lasting Relief Shin splints typically present as persistent pain along the shin bone, often worsened by running.  When you’ve tried everything to get rid of the pain, you might wonder if you’ll have to deal with the problem forever.  If your chronic shin splints won’t

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Ankle Sprains in Sports

Sprained Ankle? Learn How Bad it is and What To Do for it Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in sports, particularly sports that involve cutting and pivoting, such as soccer, basketball, and football. Understanding what an ankle sprain is, how bad it is, and what to

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Employee injury prevention program to reduce injuries and save money

How to Get Your Employees to do “Injury Prevention” Exercises

Guide to Successfully Implementing an Exercise Program that Reduces Injuries and Saves the Company Money Imagine a workplace environment bustling with healthy, active, optimistic, and energetic employees.  Imagine a workplace culture with loyal employees returning year after year, feeling appreciated and valued. Imagine reducing injury claims by half and spending

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7 Mistakes You Might be Making in your Pre-Season Workouts

When you realize your seasonal sport is fast approaching, you might be thinking that it’s time to “get fit.”  If you’re like most people, you don’t start training as early as you’d like, so you end up cramming in workouts and scaling up the intensity to get your body ready

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3 Ways Neuromuscular Training Exercise Can Reduce Knee Injuries

Injury prevention is a hot topic every year as administrators, coaches, and athletes prepare to maximize success and minimize risk, particularly in sports with a high rate of knee injuries.  In the snowsports industry, knees hold the number one spot for injuries, costing millions of dollars per year and significant

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