Protect Your Knees While Hiking

Do you enjoy HIKING?  Have you ever noticed if your knees do THIS??? (Watch video) It’s an incredibly common movement pattern that leads a lot of people toward pain, arthritis, and knee replacements. This quick tip will help you SAVE YOUR KNEES so you can keep hiking and living the

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Glute Strengthening with Monster Walks: Knees Straight or Bent?

The resisted side stepping exercise, also known as “monster walks,” with its many variations, is an excellent way to strengthen the hip and gluteal muscles.  But which position is best, knees straight or bent? For years, there has been a debate over the best position to perform “monster walks” to

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Meditation for Pain Management in Injury Recovery

As an athlete, perhaps one of the biggest hazards that you will face is the constant threat of injuries. That’s why our article ‘Best Off-Season Conditioning Strategy for Serious Athletes’ lists injury prevention exercises as a key part of the off season, especially in the case of young athletes. But what if

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PSIA-AASI Podcast: Get Knee Smart with ACL Strong Tips

In an interview with George Thomas, from the Professional Ski Instructors Association and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI), we discuss best strategies to physically prepare for snow-skiing and snowboarding, specifically to protect your knees.  We talk about the important pillars of injury prevention training and how this specific type

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Pinching Pain in the Front of Your Hip?

Do you ever wonder what the pinching pain is in the front of your hip?  It’s probably not a “pulled hip flexor”… One possibility that you might not have heard of is hip impingement, also known as femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (or FAI).  FAI is a relatively new concept in the

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Did You See? ACL Strong in the Media

Reflecting back on 2018-2019, we are proud to show a glimpse into some of the opportunities and media exposure we have had with ACL Strong. From magazine publications, to interviews, to podcasts, to email blasts of our blog posts… One step at a time, we are spreading awareness about “protecting

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How to Advance An Exercise As You Get Stronger

In this ACL Strong Tip, I demonstrate a nice exercise progression if you are working on strength, balance, or injury prevention. The strategy used here is simple. I begin with a foundational exercise, and when the movement pattern is correct, I add an unstable surface or a rotational component, or

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Podcast: Is Your Athlete At Risk For A Knee Injury?

What can we do to help our athletes succeed in their sport and in life, without getting injured along the way? What can we do to prevent injuries before they happen? What’s the deal with ACL injuries and why are they happening to young athletes, especially females? In this episode

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3 Fun Partner Exercises to Help Prevent Knee Injuries

If you’re an athlete or coach looking for exercises to help prevent knee injuries, or if you want to add something new and fresh to your warm-up or training session, try these simple exercises with a partner. Each offers a unique training advantage. Here’s what you can expect to get

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Don’t Make This Mistake with “ACL Injury Prevention”

When it comes to ACL injuries, we have a BIG problem, and it isn’t going away.  It’s actually getting worse every year.  And with good intentions, most people make this mistake with their approach to ACL injury prevention. As normal people, we all just want to be able to physically

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Teams become ACL Strong Together

These teammates have seen too many athletes go out with a ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), so they are taking matters into their own hands to become “ACL Strong”. Coaches and players are getting together and committing to do something more to protect themselves and prepare better for their season. 

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3 Ways Skiers and Snowboarders Should Prepare for Winter

This time of year, seasonal athletes start thinking about how to prepare for Winter.  Passionate skiers and snowboarders anticipate the opening of their favorite ski areas, and they might even don their hats as instructors, patrollers, racers, or resort workers. If you haven’t been on the snow for several months,

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